Claire Trevett (NZ Herald) says, “the Ute is just the vehicle for a bigger message.” Has our Dear Leader (Ardern) got the message yet?

The Farmers’ Parade was not a Santa’s Parade this year as unfortunately the Grinch was not giving out presents, but rather taking them.

A howl of protest from farmers and their dogs echoed around New Zealand last Friday from their Groundswell Protest. Farmers and growers are constantly under the cosh with environmental restrictions. Not that they have any employees to implement them as, thanks to the government, overseas labour is almost nonexistent.

Perhaps as farmers and growers sat in their processional lines of tractors, the opening line of Shakespeare’s Richard III sprung to mind. “Now is the winter of our discontent”. Or words to that effect, judging by some of the posters.

Groundswell Auckland. Photo credit The BFD.

The tax on new utes was the last straw. The beloved ute is the workhorse of the farmer and the tradie. Cruella de Vil (Ardern) said only farmers and tradies should use them, not other people. Are we being told what vehicle to drive now? Is she duplicating Helen Clark’s showerhead moment which helped stop her from getting another term?

The Toyota Hilux is the most popular new vehicle to buy in New Zealand. There are no electric Hiluxes available anyway, so why put a punitive Ute Tax on already stressed farmers and growers? Cruella’s boyfriend Clarke Gayford drives one and so do some Labour MPs so there is also a whiff of hypocrisy.

Legitimate ute. Photoshopped image credit Boondecker. The BFD.

Where is Winston Peters when you need him? He would have knocked this silly tax on the head as he did with the water tax in 2017.

Bruce Cotterill’s Opinion piece in the NZ Herald states that this government is making too many changes that we weren’t told about before the election. He goes on to say that anyone who doubts the government’s ability to get things done should look closely. But it’s not the normal business of government like building homes, roads, hospitals: it’s actually building a new social fabric.

We have a hint from Cruella and her team in their slogan “Build back Better”. Big Brother in George Orwell’s novel 1984 decreed what every step in the life of Winston Smith the main character should be. He was part of the fictional totalitarian state of “Oceania”. It’s not actually “Build back Better” it’s ‘build back differently’. Build back with socialism.

“Oceania” is happening now in New Zealand where we even have a name change for our country. Winston Smith’s job at the Ministry of Truth was to erase all history that clashed with Big Brother the leader of “Oceania”. The name change for our country is just part of that. In fact, Cruella has said, we are your “single source of truth”.

The ideology behind “Oceania” was INGSOC or English Socialism. Our Dear Leader is the former head of the International Union of Socialist Youth.

Fran O’Sullivan, a respected NZ journalist, recently headlined one of her articles “Labour takes Revolutionary road to state control.”

These words from Richard  III could well have come from our Dear Leader (Ardern.)

“I am determined to prove a villain,
And hate the pleasures of these days,
Plots have I laid, inductions dangerous”.

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Ute Tax the Final Straw


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