Sir Bob Jones

An outfit called Vegan New Zealand is attempting to murder Pacific Islanders.

They have begun an advertising campaign targeting them to become vegans, to “save the planet” and ironically, “For your health”. Killing them doesn’t sound like an ideal health policy to me.

I say that as a shock recently published British medical study reports a startingly high rate of strokes by vegans.

The medical explanation for this is the veins in one’s brain, unlike say heart arteries, are delicately thin, their only protection from bursting being a lining of cholesterol. Of course too much cholesterol will bring about the same strokes by blocking the veins.

Vegans are dicing with death and should adopt a more moderate vegetarian approach, plus accept the health (and pleasure) benefits of eggs and dairy products. Cholesterol is a vital part of the body’s functioning.

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Disgraceful Murder Attempt on Islanders
Bob Jones

Bob Jones

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