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Consultation on the implementation in New Zealand of the United Nation’s Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People will start with Maori groups, Maori Development Minister Willie Jackson confirmed on Thursday. See More UNDRIP consultation 

Although he said the He Puapua plan for two governments under tribal control is not the Government’s plan, the fact that consultation with Maori groups will take place first, plus a series of steps already undertaken that were also part of the He Puapua  plan, makes it difficult to shake the perception that the He Puapua plan is exactly what the Government proposes.

Just in case any readers are hazy on what He Puapua is all about, the plan prescribes:

  • A fully bicultural sphere of solely Crown governance that includes Parliament, the Beehive, and the civil service, as currently exists, to govern the 4.5 million non-Maori citizens of New Zealand.
  • A sphere of solely Maori governance, with the same level of authority and responsibility as shown in the diagram above to govern the half million citizens of Maori descent.
  • The two spheres will overlap creating a “co-governance sphere” in which the Crown and Maori share governance in “matters of mutual concern”.
  • Progress towards two governments would be monitored by a group named the Aotearoa Independent Monitoring Group, a group created by the Iwi Leaders Group.
  • The Crown will be accountable to the United Nations for setting this up.

The plan would extend the model of the separate Maori health authority, which is currently under construction, to the entire government.

Medical Apartheid. Cartoon credit BoomSlang. The BFD.

Our petition against the separate governments plan has picked up more than 8500 signatures. If you have not done so already, click here to sign.  Reject co-governance

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UNDRIP Consultation Follows Two Govts Plan


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