There’s claptrap, and there’s piffle, waffle, nonsense too, the absurd and the bizarre, all seen in the wild frequently, especially accompanying anything this hopeless mob in power can offer. It’s a rare thing indeed to see them all clumped together, the parry and thrust of earnest inanity attempting to topple intellectual vacuity in the balderdash stakes, the hollow ring of which arguments may amaze you and me but didn’t surprise Einstein – genius that he was in grasping that while the universe has its limits, stupidity has no bounds whatsoever.

I suffered through fifteen pages this morning, of this condescending and meritless offering (apologies in advance):

“In many ways, it seems the Pakeha world is catching up with Te Ao Maori…Maori values are shaping our future…Our mokopuna (grandchildren) will know and accept te tirohanga Maori ki te ao (the Maori worldview) as an integral part of life in Aotearoa.”

Which exclusively Maori social constructs include: care for family, community and nature, as if non-Maori had never embraced such concepts before. You may well ask: who wrote this utter drivel?

But wait – there’s worse: the hierarchy of ethnicity is on display, there’s ‘Maori’ and there’s ‘tauiwi’, the latter the new buzzword of our betters to describe non-Maori, meaning ‘not us’, ‘don’t belong’, ‘strangers’, ‘foreigners’ originally used to describe intruders from an unknown tribe straying off territory and likely to get short shrift, or, frankly, become lunch.

The word was picked up by our early missionaries to describe Gentiles vis-a-vis the Jewish people and rarely used outside scripture but increasingly enthusiastically enunciated by our moral superiors voiced in deep concern of the horrors of colonialism, even making its way into as entirely unrelated documents describing anyone un-Maori, as in the Christchurch Massacre report. Such is the contempt of our elites for New Zealanders not inside their exclusive progressive philosophical ghetto.

So back to the teaser: just who is responsible for this affront to intelligence? A nine-year-old? A shabbily-dressed, always-late, backyard-polytech teacher hired by mistake on a make-work scheme for dullards? Or Christian Hawkesby, Assistant Governor and General Manager, Economics, Financial Markets and Banking Group at the Reserve Bank of New Zealand in a speech on behalf of the Bank called ‘The Future is Maori‘, delivered on May 6, 2021?

Hawkesby is by his own definition ‘tauiwi’. Alas he is a stranger: but only to reason.

Jesus wept.


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