Whatever happened to Boris Johnson? When British voters went to the polls in 2019, they overwhelmingly rejected the reactionary leftism of Jeremy Corbyn and elected what they apparently thought was a conservative government.

But, as happened in Australia from 2015 to 2018, voters who thought they were getting a conservative, somehow ended up with a smelly greenie in an expensive suit. Britons who might have thought they were getting Donald Trump, have found that they’ve actually got Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in drag.

The next UN climate beano is just around the corner. As the Learjets and limousines warm up for another round of end-of-the-worldism, Boris Johnson is shining a bright green light out front of No. 10.

Instead of focusing on economic recovery, getting small, medium & family sized businesses back on their feet, encouraging workers to return to the workforce & to cut regulations to get projects rolled out faster, the British “Conservative” (really Conservative in name only-CINO) government is laser focused on shoring up their green credentials with a brand new 78% emissions reductions target by 2035.

Yes, you heard me right. A 78% emissions reductions target by 2035 which isn’t what they took to the last general election and one certainly not approved of by their conservative voters[…]But if that isn’t worrying enough, Boris is the same Tory Prime Minister with a ten-point plan for a “Green Industrial Revolution” as well.

Johnson has come out as Greta Thunberg with a national budget to play with.

From producing offshore wind farms, phasing out of fossil-fuel based vehicles to replacing them with electric vehicles to transforming public transport to net-zero & making homes and schools greener than they currently are, all of this green plan will dramatically change the lives of Britons to fit a delusional green utopia[…]

Boris Johnson & his ilks have drummed up the green industrial revolution which’ll not only drive his Conservative party to the wall but also the entire British economy as well.

All because he’s given his soul to the Greenies (most notably to his environmentalist virtue-signaling fiancée, Carrie Symonds).

Johnson is but the latest of cretinous conservatives who apparently think that out-greening the Greens will not only win over the loony left, but somehow not drive their own base screaming into the night.

In Australia, blue-green Malcolm Turnbull dragged the Coalition from landslide victory to minority government. In West Australia this year, the conservative parties were wiped out, partly by COVID politics, but also by a nutty policy of “carbon neutral by 2030” in the most mining-dependent state in Australia. The WA conservatives could comfortably hold their next party meeting in a phone booth.

In Germany, Angela Merkel’s “Energiewende” madness has driven electricity prices skyrocketing and the once-dominant (and conservative) CDU to a laughing-stock. Already costing a staggering €160 billion (and with an eye-watering €3.4 trillion to be spent over the next 20 years), Energiewende has not only failed to take Germany to within cooee of its renewables target but also made it dangerously reliant on imported Russian gas.

Then there are the blackouts. South Australia was entirely blacked out in 2016. Texas and the UK suffered widespread blackouts last year, all attributable to over-reliance on renewables.

There are so many examples of how extraordinarily unreliable, financially damaging & environmentally hurtful renewable energy are, and yet despite repetitive and serial failures from the world, the Boris Johnson Govt seem absolutely and utterly determined to repeat the same mistakes in Britain all so he can show-off to the greens that he isn’t some rightwing planet destroyer who’ll let Mother Nature burn by not embracing renewable energy.

It’ll ruin the Conservative party’s agenda of being nation builders and strengthening the economy, it’ll put people out of work and into poverty and the party from government into opposition. But sadly, Johnson reminds blind to the dangerous political and economic consequences that this’ll bear on him. He’ll face disgruntled and angry conservative voters at the poll who’ll no doubt abandon the Tories for having given into the economy destroying greenies.

It’s a betrayal of conservative voters & of the British economy and it’ll be the price Boris will pay if he doesn’t wake up.

The Good Sauce

Scott Morrison, who also shows a dangerous tendency to try and win over the green-left, should take heed, too.

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