If we are to believe the mainstream media narrative, white men are solely to blame for mass shootings in the US. “It’s always an angry white man. Always,” shrieked USA Today “race and inclusion editor” Hemal Jhaveri. Kamala Harris’s niece Meena Harris gibbered about “violent white men”. CNN’s very own in-house racist, Don Lemon, blithered that “the biggest terror threat in [the USA] is white men”. Feminist Amy Siskind ranted that the perpetrator of the recent shooting in Boulder “was almost certainly a white man (again)”.

Except that it wasn’t.

The shooter in Boulder was a Syrian émigré. Was he just an outlier? As the evidence shows, no.

All the mass shooters of the past two years. “White men are solely to blame”? The BFD. Photoshop by Lushington Brady.

The fact is that the institutionally-racist, anti-white, mainstream media deliberately front-page any mass shooting involving a white perpetrator – and conveniently bury all the rest. Watch how quickly the Boulder shooting vanishes from the media narrative, while the shooting in Atlanta – committed by a conveniently white man – continues to dominate headlines.

Don’t expect to hear much, either, about an attempt to enact a copycat shooting in Atlanta.

A Georgia man walked into a supermarket on Wednesday carrying five guns and wearing body armor, prompting scares and concerns of a copycat of the Colorado grocery store shooting just two days earlier.

Note that it’s just “a Georgia man”; not “a Georgia man, who is white” or “a white man”. Whenever the mainstream media avoid ethnic descriptions of perpetrators, you can be sure they’re hiding something.

Police arrested Rico Marley, a 22-year-old seen sporting the armed ensemble at a Publix supermarket just after 1:30 PM on Wednesday in Atlanta, the same city where a gunman barely a week earlier killed eight people in three spas, including killing six Asian Americans.

The Publix manager called police after witnessing Marley enter the store bathroom with a rifle. Police met Marley just as he exited the restroom.

Among the weapons Marley was carrying included body armor and five guns, which included three pistols and two long rifles.

Marley prompted fears of a copycat shooting similar to the one in Boulder, Colorado this week allegedly perpetrated by Alissa Ahmad, where he is believed to have killed 10 people in a grocery store[…]The Atlanta Police Department is also investigating a “suspicious package” left at the same Publix supermarket, but it was unclear if it was connected to Marley’s arrival.

The Sun

Judging from the photo, unlike George Zimmerman, the media won’t even be able to pass off the suspect as a “white Hispanic”.

Watch this story vanish down the mainstream media Memory Hole.

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