Nicola Willis had a good day in Parliament yesterday exposing Megan Woods‘s diabolical community housing claims. Nicola also had this to say on Facebook.

“The Government is continuing its habit of fudging housing numbers and to quote Scott Figenshow, Community Housing Aotearoa chief executive Scott Figenshow, “The Government had effectively cannibalised the affordable housing market by buying homes that would have been available to first-home buyers”.

Also, it is noted that the UN Special Rapporteur (Yes that’s what she is called), Leilani Farha, was in New Zealand during February 2020 to inspect our housing crisis with the objective of addressing the “Right to Housing”. Her comprehensive report of the visit will be presented to the UN Human Rights Council in March 2021, so it is little wonder Ardern is rushing through housing reforms under urgency, as she has to impress her future paymasters.

The entire UN report is a socialist template of state ownership and control. Here are some titbits from Leilani Farha’s findings.

“At the root of the crisis is a speculative housing market that promotes homeownership as an investment”.

Well, I never! It continues, “The human rights crisis (yes, not being given a house is a human rights crisis) has hit the most marginalized the hardest: Maori, Pacific peoples, people with disabilities, single parents, LGBTQI+, immigrants and others. I wonder if I’m included in the “others”? But there’s more, Leilani Farha continues…

“Because there is no capital gains tax in the country, and because income earned from properties is taxed at a lower rate than income earned from other assets, property owners have reaped ‘large, tax-free, windfall gains’ creating inequality.”

Apparently, if you own your own home or a rental, you are nothing more than a capitalist pig according to the UN. But wait there is even more!

“ The Government is to address the financialisation of housing, it must disrupt the current speculative system by implementing a Capital Gains Tax.”

UN Report Says NZ ‘Must’ Implement a CGT. Image credit The BFD

Poor Ardern, which master to serve? However, moving on, Leilani Farha’s next gem of advice.

“National, regional and local governments should refrain from implementing laws or by-laws that serve to criminalize homelessness, including living in cars, campervans, or tents.”

So next time you see a tent pitched on a footpath or someone living in their car outside your front door, that’s hunky-dory according to the UN.

So there you have it, we are governed by the United Nation’s pet puppet, Ardern. With the housing report due to be presented at the UN next month, no wonder Ardern is looking emaciated of late. The last time a UN representative came to this country he reported allegations of torture at a New Zealand psychiatric facility. What a damn joke that outfit is! The UN that is.

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UN Report Says NZ ‘Must’ Implement a Capital Gains Tax
By George

By George

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