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Just because it sounds ugly and depressing, doesn’t mean it isn’t true. Once only the domain of cowards and fools the obviously false ‘choose your own truth’ paradigm has gone mainstream and is now even sanctioned in Acts and Statutes. My goal though is at odds with current trends. It is to portray reality as near as possible to how it actually is. Viewed from my own particular and possibly peculiar perspective of course. Although I admit that I am not always right my track record far exceeds the mainstream narrative.

I have tried, unsuccessfully it seems, to warn readers of what was to come. I hoped that enough would refuse to ‘Go along to get along’ to forestall the unpleasant reality that is now manifesting globally and facilitated by instant global communication infecting New Zealand much like a certain virus is said to be. Now, as the ‘Social Commentary’ referenced in this column’s heading suggests I will merely report upon the progress of the disease as the corporate mass media machine rolls out their own crazy psychopathic form of hypnoses and mind control. They sway us not to any particular ideology but more to a complete absence of any ideology at all.

Flying the flag of relativism. An insane world has moved speedily from a values-based society to one where everything is as the individual thinks it is, wishes it was or imagines it to be.

If your hope is in an omniscient God who transcends our current temporal manifestation then the truth regarding the current state of the world, whilst unpleasant, is bearable. If your only hope is in the things of this world and our current brief incarnation then the real unvarnished truth is so incredibly unpalatable as to be practically unbelievable. In order to function under such circumstances, it is necessary to believe that circumstances are much better than they really are. Without this voluntary self-delusion, depression and hopelessness are the only outcomes. We see the proof of this in the continuing increase in suicide numbers and the use of psychotropic drugs and other mind-altering substances.

Those who labour under such deception become prone to believing ridiculous falsehoods like:

  • The Government is there to help.
  • Billionaires who became that way through dodgy deals, manipulation and monopolising markets have morphed into wise and benevolent philanthropists out to save mankind.
  • Governments and global organisations that have a track record of failure and broken promises will ‘build back better‘.
  • That if you comply with unreasonable authority, do what your told, give up your rights and take certain medication then ‘things will return to normal’ whatever you perceive that to be.

Many, perhaps a majority, maybe even a vast majority, refuse to objectively and impartially evaluate what is, but rather choose these convenient and comforting falsehoods generated by the greedy and perpetuated by the foolish. They have chosen ignorance and live in denial.

As part of a contrived and undefined left versus right paradigm there exists the concept that there are good politicians and bad politicians. The fact is that politics itself is bad and no matter how good those who play the political game are they are still complicit with evil. It is as Lord Acton pointed out, “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely”. Understanding this makes the current global insanity much simpler to comprehend.

As the increasingly mindless masses are entertained to the point of boredom and instructed to the point of confusion they are lulled into a trance. Seduced by screens and hypnotised by hype they become compliant Zombies led like legendary lemmings to the precipice of hell without protest. For too long we have falsely presumed that tomorrow will be as yesterday was when this has never been true and is less so today than ever before.

Like it or not there are real laws that govern the universe in general and the world of men specifically. One is that you reap as you sow and harvest time is looking pretty close to me.

Freedom is a challenge and is difficult indeed but slavery is sad beyond measure. There are now many willing slaves running hard and long on the hamster wheel of contemporary life who willingly pay their taskmasters tax. These oligarch overseers of the modern plantation use the slaves’ own money to make the whip that scourges them. In return, they give their serfs generous helpings of neurosis, psychosis and an evening dish of cold comfort reheated in the microwave. The one time they didn’t lie was when they said, ‘It’s easier this way’.

Is it too late to avoid what is coming? Maybe. However, it is never too late to come out of the trance, break the spell, wake up and come outside of the false paradigm and into the light.

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Reproduced with permission

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