Today’s faces of the day are our moderating team who have asked me to remind all our commenters of the Ten commandments but in particular commandment number five which is that any comment you make on The BFD should add value.

 Add Value

  • Your comment should provide information or express a point of view that discusses the contents of the post or another commenter’s statement or point of view. Don’t post short “empty” or “zero-calorie” comments, such as “I agree” or “Me too”.
  • Don’t cut and paste material from another source as your comment. Post a link, perhaps a snippet, and add your own point of view or information.
  • Don’t repeat a comment you have made in one post, or something essentially the same, in another post.
  • Don’t copy a comment here that you have already made on another website, even if that website refused to publish it.

One of the things that makes The BFD stand out from it’s competitors is the quality of our comment section and lately some of our commenters having been letting the side down.

The ability to comment is FREE for everyone but that does not mean that we have to put up with rubbish which is why we have clearly spelled out our expectations.

Here are two examples of the kind of quality comment that we expect from our readers.

So the Glacier area on the West Coast are doing it really hard (and they are), according to Stuff. Most businesses (tourism) expected to close. They have asked the government for help – doesn’t seem to be forthcoming. And the Minister for (not) Tourism isn’t listening. Successive Labour governments have closed down the West Coast’s primary industries (mining and forestry), telling them that tourism is the future way to transition (love that word) the area. And now that they have embraced tourism, they’re thrown under the bus – government hypocrites…

It disappoints me watching parents in fear of ‘what if’ as they waited to collect their children from school after re-testing. They seemed genuinely afraid. What on earth has happened to the “Kiwi” in us, our number 8 wire attitude to life? When your numbers up … it’s up! Be it a car crash, a shark attack, falling off a horse, or a bolt of lightening. If only they could see that the government now controls their very thoughts. Living each day in fear of catching Covid is NOT the Kiwi way.

Here are two examples of comments that we DO NOT want to see on our site. They add no value and just take up space and waste our moderators’ valuable time as they have to trawl through our comment section deleting them.

Two examples out of a number of unacceptable comments deleted by our moderation team yesterday.

These two comments were chosen at random from the deletion pile.

One last thing. Often people react to a post like this one by arguing the toss and critising our moderation team or our rules.


I am quite prepared to break a few eggs in order to make a quality omelette and the rules are fairly applied without fear or favour.

  • Commenting is a privilege not a right on The BFD.
  • Being a subscriber does NOT make you above the rules.

Don’t come crying to me when you get banned, threatening to cancel your subscription or to stop reading The BFD. Those tactics have been tried on me many times over the years and my response is always the same.

Don’t let the door hit you on the way out. If you can’t respect our rules then bye-bye.

If you cannot contribute something of value to our site then do not contribute at all. Our readers come to read the comments as much as they come to read the articles.

the dark world thor GIF
The BFD Ban hammer has been activated……

If you want to contribute lightweight silly nonsense then contribute it elsewhere. I have told our moderators to start waving the ban hammer for repeat offenders. Their time is simply too valuable to waste it deleting lazy and calorie-free comments.


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