If you never want to be wrong about anything ever again, one surefire strategy is to take bi-polar positions on every issue. To wit: if you assert that masks are both necessary and unnecessary, COVID mortality rates so catastrophic the entire world should be locked down, but are really only slightly worse than seasonal flu, and social distancing is a mandated imperative except when hooking up with strangers – you have covered all your bases. Call it “The Fauci Hedge” to honour newly appointed World Health Organization (WHO) delegate leader Anthony Fauci. He has taken every one of the above contradictory positions – and more.

And what better organization for Fauci to lock arms with than the WHO – which has engaged in precisely the same 180-degree position-adjusting flimflammery for which the good doctor is now famous. With very few of the incurious media noticing, the WHO recently altered scientific fact and roughly 300,000 years of human evolution by changing the definition of “herd immunity” to something only achievable with vaccines.

The Herd Immunity Deception

This eliminates far more robust “natural immunity” gained by exposure to diseases from which we recover and without which none of us would likely be here today. Even the highly unreliable CDC hasn’t tried to rewrite Science 101 and still defines herd immunity as achievable both with and without vaccines. But no matter: Fauci and the WHO are black belt level masters at adopting whatever position serves their political ends in a given situation.

And with Anthony Fauci as their spirit guide, the WHO pulled yet another stunning reversal and changed their definition of herd immunity back again to include natural immunity – something every doctor, scientist, and biology student on earth knows to be true. It wasn’t some sort of institutional epiphany that made the WHO realize rewriting established science to promote vaccinating everyone on the planet was deeply corrupted – it was just that they got caught doing it. This is the body we trust to govern matters of world health and to whom President Biden has pledged fealty and funding.

So when the WHO announced new guidelines for COVID-19 PCR tests a mere one hour after the Biden inauguration, it was just an extension of its cynical modus operandi of timing everything for maximum political effect to serve its agenda.

Even Fauci and The New York Times have known for months that the PCR tests administered have been highly sensitive and/or deeply flawed. In one study over three states, as many as 90% of the PCR tests administered were false-positive for COVID-19 – a startling revelation that when extrapolated to all of America, more than accounts for last Fall’s “case-demic” megaphoned by the Ninny Networks as proof of Trump’s leadership failure during COVID-19.

Useless Diagnostic Tools

The problem has been the CDC and others’ recommendation that the cycle thresholds for PCR tests be as high as 40 cycles – a point at which even Anthony Fauci has asserted the tests cannot be trusted to yield accurate results. Fauci admitted as far back as July 2020 that test cycles higher than 35 were likely picking up viral or dead debris, rendering them useless as diagnostic tools for COVID-19 – the symptomatic expression of the virus SARS CoV-2. Cycles higher than 25 are widely considered to be useless in determining illness with any accuracy. Even the late Kary Mullis, the Nobel prize-winning inventor of the PCR tests, acknowledged: “it doesn’t tell you that you are sick.” But laboratories all over America ignored these cautions – with the CDC’s imprimatur.

The World Health Organization finally admitting something that was known by the middle of 2020 – that PCR tests are laughably inconstant – is just the latest political gamesmanship from CCP errand boy, Tedros Adhanom, the Director-General of the WHO. At the urging of his boss, Xi Jinping, Adhanom asserted Trump’s early travel ban from China would “have the effect of increasing fear and stigma with little public health benefit.” Under his stewardship, the WHO waited until March 11 to call the coronavirus a pandemic, giving China the chance to circle its wagons. Adhanom also endorsed the idiotically successful media attempts to whitewash the origins of the virus by decrying any reference to the Wuhan Flu as “racist” – despite the existence of West Nile Virus, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Lyme Disease, and Zika.

These are but a few of his greatest hits. That the WHO, with non-doctor Tedros drunk at the wheel, would finally admit the PCR tests are flawed appears to be just the latest salvo in a Word War 3 of misinformation and manipulation by a body to which we entrust matters of international health.

Scientists across the world have been trying in vain to counter the false media narrative that COVID returned with a vengeance in the Fall. But it seems clear that health bureaucracies have been either willfully ignoring or endeavoring to keep the news of the dramatically flawed PCR tests a secret. With wildly successful efforts to undermine Trump by saddling him with full responsibility for the pandemic now in the cultural rearview mirror, watch as the narrative shifts.

Joe Biden V. Science

Biden just signed an executive action mandating masks on all federal property – although there is no science to prove their efficacy against COVID. He will pressure governors to institute mask mandates nationwide. Even though there is no evidence the vaccine stops transmission of the virus, it will continue to be rolled out across America, with Biden getting credit for Trump’s warp speed miracle jab.

With the WHO admitting right on cue what has been known for over six months, the cycle threshold for PCR tests will be adjusted downward to where they should have been all along. COVID-19 cases will drop precipitously as millions of false-positive tests magically disappear. The warmer weather of summertime will combine with all these blatant acts of deception to effectively end the pandemic as we’ve known it.

And just like that, JOE SAVES AMERICA!

The only fly in the ointment? There are legions of Americans who previously ignored the media and big tech’s extravagant and biased lies and the dark, power-mad cynicism of our leadership. They have been nudged awake by the people’s bullhorn – also known as Donald Trump. Call them “The Awake.”

And despite widespread crushing censorship and the demonization of 75 million Americans – they will never be lulled back to sleep by the lies of the lullaby left.

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