QUEEN NANCY screeched “IMPEECHMENT” and she GOT IT in the House at least. Now she has to get it in the Senate. She is one dangerous woman.

Even 10 Republicans voted for it. Last impeachment of Trump, no Republicans voted for it. This is TWO TIME DONNY impeachment.

Photoshopped image credit Boondecker. The BFD.

And what is TRUMP’S impeachment for? Supposedly promoting “insurrection,” because he held a MAGA rally in Washington for his supporters and thereby is responsible for the breach on Capitol Hill.

The notorious BLM activist who stormed the Capitol building John Sullivan has been let off the hook, whereas the protester in “fancy dress” wearing the helmet and horns and the one who sat at Pelosi’s desk with feet up have both been arrested.

The “STAGED” over-hyped event was then used to promote the “ORANGE HITLER” narrative. QUEEN NANCY saying MAGA are promoting WHITENESS over Democracy.
It was the REICHSTAG FIRE 2.0

As Mark Steryn said Capital Hill is not a citadel of Democracy it’s a HOUSE OF CR*P.
Couldn’t have put it better myself.

Now we come to BTDS (big tech derangement syndrome) with the permanent Trump Twitter ban. This has even got the EU on Trump’s side which takes some doing, along with the Mexican President who by rights should not be a friend of “build the wall” Trump and who has called it the “INQUISITION”. He should know, with a history of Conquistadors.

Our Aussie cobbers and the Indians are making protests as well, but nothing from our RED QUEEN who is against free speech and about to bring in “Hate Speech” laws.

The Russians are even protesting. Well at least one of them, the Previously poisoned Opposition leader Alexei Navalny has come out on Trump’s side.

As TURLEY said, “you couldn’t make this up. It’s like a Babylon Bee episode.”

When the Ugandans banned social media till after the elections they were upbraided by Twitter for violating their Twitter Public Policy Principles whilst hypocritically Jack Dorsey said the term “American Patriots” was incitement.

We had the equivalent here in New Zealand when Facebook banned an increasingly popular party, Advance NZ, a few days before the election.

I ask you in all fairness “Who is running the INSTITUTION or should that read INQUISITION?” If you do not belong to a certain mode of thought, well it’s extermination for you.

As Tucker Carlson pointed out the Republicans do not even like their own electorate.
THE DONALD was not bringing in Country Club Class well heeled people, but suffer us Lord, some of the “Trailer Trash “ who Trump has embraced.

PARLER has had its server taken down by AMAZON. The digital “book burning” is not just meant to silence Trump but his followers as well.

The song “AMERICAN PIE” by DON MCLEAN sums it up well:

“OH and while the king was looking down the jester stole his thorny Crown,
The courtroom was adjourned no verdict was returned.

And while Lenin read a book on Marx,
The quartet practised in the park and we sang dirges in the dark.

And the three men I admire the most,
The Father, Son And Holy Ghost, they caught the last train for the coast.

Just substitute “THE DAY DEMOCRACY DIED” for “THE DAY THE MUSIC DIED” and you’ve got it.

Fear my wrath and obey! The BFD. Photoshop by Lushington Brady.

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