Can someone recommend somewhere that would be suitable for this Government to collectively self isolate? A place far enough away where they could reflect on the stupidity of their current COVID carry on. Is there any suitable accommodation on the Auckland Islands? Perhaps not such a good idea as the latest information from the Department of Conservation is that they’re trying to rid the islands of pests. Just anywhere they can have a little Congress of their own and realise what’s going on in the real world as it relates to COVID.

I see, now that the UK has relaxed its quarantine rules, British travellers are being offered record discounts of 70 per cent off holidays. France, Spain, Italy and Greece are among 15 destinations where people can jet off on cheap deals after ministers agreed to plans to open air corridors. Germany and Croatia are also on the list. Travellers heading to the corridor locations will not face a 14 day quarantine period there or on their return. Foreign tourists can also enter Britain without having to go into quarantine.

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Contrast that with our situation. We are barely allowed to go anywhere and if we do we have to quarantine on return. New Zealand is the equivalent of a holding cell for Jacinda’s imaginary team of five million. I, for one, don’t count myself in any team she might think she’s in charge of. This team of five million garbage is as irritating as her ‘hard and early’ misspeak.

If Britain and Europe, two heavily populated areas, can come up with a plan that works, the question has to be asked: why can’t we? The answer is because the current bunch of idiot rulers would struggle to find the collective amount of grey matter between them to come up with a workable proposition. Instead, they’ve opted for what for them is the familiar mechanism of control. Lock everyone up. Much easier. Tell the team of five million it’s too dangerous to go anywhere.

The situation in Britain and Europe makes a mockery of this type of thinking. At great expense we are carting busloads of people all around the country to accomodation that now has to be guarded by Mr Plod. This is a criminal waste of Police time and manpower. I’m not surprised there are escapees and assaults going on. This is all totally unnecessary. The longer this nonsense continues the more problems will be caused.

The morons that make up this Coalition need to wake up to the fact that the borders have to be opened and COVID is something we and the world will have to learn to live with. It appears most of the world is aware of this fact, and borders are being opened by degrees. The way we are going we are destined to become the pariah country of the world. This will be disastrous for the economy and tourism in particular.

If other countries relax border and travel restrictions quicker than we do, people from those countries will be booking elsewhere. After lockdowns there is pent up demand for holidays. We will miss out. People aren’t stupid enough to come to a country where they have to waste their first two weeks isolating. They’ll simply go elsewhere.

This Government needs to adopt a different mentality and realise that no matter what they do the country won’t be free of COVID. Like any other virus, it will be around for possibly years to come. The answer is to step into the real world and, like other countries with a more mature approach, work out how you’re going to handle it. Along with all the other problems COVID has caused. In New Zealand, we have yet to see a plan for anything.

The confetti approach with money simply won’t cut it.

They might not have COVID but a period of isolation for this Government would be a bonus for all of us.

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