One hour ago, Amazon deleted the book, China Virus. They banned it. You can see their terse e-mail below.

Amazon has claimed that the book contradicts “official sources” of information about the virus.

But Ezra Levant’s book does not give medical advice — it’s purely a discussion of Canada-China politics, as the title makes clear. Ezra is the editor and the powerhouse behind Canadian Rebel Media.


Amazon originally refused to upload the book. It took two months before they finally relented. The book became an instant bestseller, reaching no. 1 on Kindle in Canada and no. 2 as a paperback. It was a huge bestseller.

Now it’s been deleted from Amazon.

This is nuts.

It’s China-style censorship.

Who did this?

Was it Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s owner, who would do anything to ingratiate himself with China, to get access to their huge market?

Was it Justin Trudeau, whose connections to Communist China are exposed in this book?

Was it the United Nations and the World Health Organization, whose corruption is exposed in the book?

Ezra Levant is outraged by the Chinese-style censorship. He has already found another printer to publish soft-cover copies of the book.

He is also literally giving away the e-book version of China Virus right now, for any price, on this website. (I recommend a donation — the e-book sold for $7.50 on Amazon. So maybe you can chip in that amount. By purchasing the book you will be showing Amazon, the UN, Trudeau and China that they can’t censor us.

Just click here, or visit

Please note that The BFD is not receiving any money for advertising this book. We are doing it to support a fellow Conservative New Media site and to stand up for free speech and against censorship.

Amazon sells Mao’s Little Red Book. They sell Hitler’s book, Mein Kampf. But they have banned China Virus— that’s outrageous.


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Juana Atkins

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