The fiasco involving Hamish Walker and Michelle Boag is just the latest in a series of unedified incidents that have either happened or are being investigated involving our politicians or political parties. All of the circumstances were brought about by people who should know better. They have brought their parties and politics in general into disrepute. The handling of these occurrences has also left a lot to be desired with the exception of the current one where swift action has been taken.

The disgraceful actions involving Hamish Walker and Michelle Boag has been particularly galling for the National Party and Todd Muller in particular. No new leader should have to deal with behaviour such as this. Here he was castigating the Government totally unaware his own party was the culprit. Why Boag chose Walker to send the information to is unclear. The point is she should have known better.

So should Muller, Kaye and the entire National Party Board. Why they continually want to involve themselves with this woman is a mystery. She spells one word – TROUBLE. She’s caused trouble before but now has resigned any involvement in the party, the one piece of good news to come out of the whole deplorable episode. The Board need to wake up and start taking an interest in what is going on in their party. They are behaving as if they think this is the election to lose. Perhaps they do.

The Labour Party are no better, if not worse, as their modus operandi is to try and sweep things of this nature under the carpet, such as the sex episode at their junior camp. Adding to the abysmal state of politics is their sheer incompetence from the Prime Minister down. I don’t think there has ever been a Government of less collective ability than this one. Never mind; dear old Bob Harvey, a Labour stalwart since, it seems, Noah was in the Ark thinks Boag and Walker have handed Labour the election.

Bob reflects the simplistic non probing analysis of the Left. One misdemeanour from the other side and the win is cemented in. No doubt he fails to recognise the sheer ineptitude of the lightweights he chooses to support. The election will not solely be about Covid. As we get closer to the date it will be about the economy. It always is, stupid. The cynical ploy of keeping the wage subsidy going until the election may not be enough to save their electoral bacon. Snouts could yet be removed from the Government trough.

Ardern’s personal incompetence is doubly in evidence. When it comes to removing those who have committed misdemeanours or simply, like herself, aren’t up to the job, she is missing in action. As I said in an earlier article, her idea of firing someone is a friendly chat, probably over a glass of almond milk, and asking them to fall on their sword. David Farrar points out the difference between Ardern and Muller in the handling of these situations. The voters should take note.

Under Ardern –

  • Meka Whaitiri – sacked 22 days after Ardern aware of assault allegations.
  • Clare Curran – sacked from Cabinet 150 days after Ardern aware she misled Parliament.
  • David Clark – resignation accepted 88 days after he breaches his own lockdown rules.
  • Phil Twyford – = still there!

Under Muller

  • Hamish Walker – resigned TWO DAYS after Muller made aware of what he did.

Apart from the above there are always questions being asked and rumours swirling re political donations and possible misuse of monies, some of which are currently under investigation. Few political parties can be said to be squeaky clean.

This piece cannot be concluded without reference to the Speaker of the House. In my view this is the individual who should set the standard for the conduct of MPs and their parties both inside and outside the House. This means we need a Speaker who himself is of a high calibre and beyond reproach.

The current Speaker goes by the name of Trevor Mallard. I rest my case.

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