First impressions of Nationals’ new leader Todd Muller are mixed. Here is one man’s negative reaction to his call for an Aotearoa New Zealand day to be created to commemorate the Christchurch massacre.

Had enough of contemptuous leaders? Then tell your Scaredy-Nat MPs you want one who calls New Zealand by its name — not the publicly unapproved communist-tribalist sellout name.


Comments like this from heir apparent Todd Muller prove that the National Party is now an urban communist party.

A lily-livered collective all too ready to abandon their country’s good name without a vote, much less a fight.

A smug and feeble gaggle of Bolgerites ready to surrender the First World nation their forbears built to a fractious fraction of fifteen percent of itself, by parroting a smarmily-doctored narrative that amounts to a communistically-orchestrated litany of lies.

A gang of pinky-bluey-greeny weasels ready to throw on their hijabs and dance in lock-step with the she-wolf in sheep’s clothing, as she exploits an oh-so-convenient massacre to oh-so-predictably advance the communist agenda of disarming the men, in readiness for the next excuse (now upon us) to mobilise the mobsters.

And all the while shaming and blaming New Zealand men for a crime they did not do.

Is there no National MP with the spine of a true conservative?

Is there no one among that cavalcade of cowards prepared to brave the wrath of hysterical virtue-signallers by standing up for what is fair and honourable and true?

Is there no one in that craven caucus whose instincts and ethics demand that, on matters of national sovereignty, the first people you consult are ALL the people?

(Not just a pampered and fashionably violent few.)

If Todd Muller is the best you’ve got, let’s hope God defends New Zealand against communism.

Because an increasingly red and famously yellow National Party certainly will not.

What do you think dear readers? Is this an overreaction to a harmless petition or is it right on the money?

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