For an activist, a problem solved is an existential crisis. If feminists were forced to admit that our society not only has long had gender equality but in fact favours women in almost every aspect, they would be out of a job.

So, instead of just admitting that the battle of the sexes has been won, feminists just keep making up more trivial (‘manspreading’) and ridiculous (‘unconscious bias’) arguments in order to keep desperately pretending that they’re victims.

Nothing is safe from the mendacious stupidity of feminism. Not even a pandemic.

The evidence is beyond clear: the Chinese virus affects men far worse than women. The infection rate for men is slightly higher. More alarmingly, the death rate for men is 1.5 times that for women.

That clear evidence isn’t stopping feminists from making it all about them.

However, as we face a global pandemic, women are likely to fare even worse than ever before. A new ongoing study being conducted by researchers at Northwestern University, the University of Mannheim in Germany and the University of California, San Diego shows that the crisis is likely to make inequities worse.

You don’t get much worse than being dead.

Apparently, having to look after their own children is a fate worse than death for feminists.

The closures of schools and daycare centers have massively increased child care needs, which has a particularly large impact on working mothers.

Given that tens of millions have been thrown out of work by the pandemic, this argument seems facile at best. In fact, as schools are closed, women who almost exclusively dominate the teaching profession (a gender gap feminists conveniently ignore) will have plenty of time to care for their children.

On the other hand, another profession overwhelmingly dominated by women (again, to complete silence from feminists), health care, will have no shortage of work.

Instead of acknowledging, for once, that men are getting the sharp end of the stick from this pandemic, feminists serve up vacuous garbage like this:

While at least in the short term, this will have a huge impact on gender equality and cause setback to women’s earnings and careers, there is also a likelihood of things changing for the better[…]It is possible that as men and women are both likely to be working from home, but more women than men are working on the frontline in medical and caring professions, this could invert the traditional gender norms, with more men taking over childcare responsibilities at home.

[…]things will change for the better in the long run.

Men dying at nearly twice the rate of women. Millions of men thrown out of work. Female-dominated professions guaranteed work while everyone else is sent home.

Sounds like the perfect world for feminists. Instead, all these vinegar-faced harpies can do is bitch and moan and make it all about them, as usual.

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