Australia often leads the world in leftist derangement. Before Trump Derangement Syndrome, our left-media elite were regularly working themselves into spittle-flecked insanity with Abbott Derangement Syndrome.

But the curse that just keeps on giving for the left-elite is Hanson Derangement Syndrome.

When Pauline Hanson first exploded onto the political scene, the left could barely hide their giddy excitement. At last, they had the racist they’d been so desperately looking for. Hanson became the media’s go-to headline machine. It was clickbait before anyone knew that there was such a thing.

A quarter-century later, they’re still at it.

As the wheels come off the world as we know it, the economy slithers down the toilet, and thousands of people queue outside Centrelink having lost their jobs, there is one constant we can rely on in these uncertain times — Hanson hatred.

The main reason the legacy media hate Hanson so much is that she has a bad habit of telling the plain truth.

In an opinion piece today, the Senator asserted that ‘China must be held to account for global pandemic’. In a follow up media release follow up she said, “When the dust settles, Australia needs a serious rethink of how we progress the growth of our nation and pay back what will likely to be one trillion dollars of debt.”


“Australia’s economy is exposed as a result of over-reliance on Chinese manufacturing and dependence on China as a destination for our food and mineral exports,” she continued.

Again, correct.

“China must be called out and any attempts to attack or criticise people for referring to COVID19 as a ‘Chinese virus’ should be pushed back on.”

Once again, correct.

Cue the communists’ useful idiots, the left-elite.

Predictably, the response has been dramatic hyperventilating[…]There have been accusations of “racism”, “dog whistling”, “hateful trolling” and people scolding her for being “reliably nasty”.

Bored, rancid clowns in self-isolation have taken to twitter in droves to hurl abuse.

Unfortunately, for all the brokens with fire in their fingertips, Hanson is correct.

China is solely responsible for this disaster. It came from China, the Chinese regime lied and lied and lied and in so doing ensured that a local outbreak became a global pandemic. Beijing’s lies have not just cost tens of thousands of lives (so far), they’ve pushed the world to the brink of recession, if not depression.

“Pauline, please rattle the chains all day, every day,” one sane voice yelled back at the clowns. Amidst all this chaos, confusion and collapse, thank god there is one politician in this country who isn’t afraid to speak the truth as she sees it.

Despite the desperate, boot-licking propagandising of the left-elite, anger at Beijing from ordinary people is white-hot. The elite might want to run cover for a vile communist regime, but the people want a politician who’s not afraid to keep calling them out – no matter how much it infuriates the left.

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