Greetings dear readers from The BFD HQ.

I have put together two examples of personal COVID-19 survival kits to get the ball rolling. It is going to be a while so we might as well smile.

A few weeks along I may need to add a gag if he who must be obeyed starts to get on my nerves. (just kidding, I will put a pillow over his face) Ok, ok that’s not true either but a girl can dream, LOL.

My first survival kit contains a variety of medicinal bottles of brandy and Cognac. I enjoy a sip every evening as a nightcap which helps me sleep and kills any possible bacteria in my throat at the same time.

While enjoying my tipple in a pretty crystal glass bought for a dollar at our local op shop I read my Kindle, the other essential in my kit. It has a special Spanishbride cover that camouflages it as a real book. The libraries may be closed but I have access to all the books I could possibly want thanks to the wonder of e-books.

The BFD. SB’s COVID-19 personal survival kit one.

My second personal survival kit covers off my creative side and provides excellent stress relief. Simply arranging my colouring pencils into colour order is relaxing and colouring in while listening to music or to the latest COVID-19 update works well.

The BFD. SB’s COVID-19 personal survival kit two.

Please share in the comment section your own personal survival kits.

Let’s not let a good pandemic go to waste.


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