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As part of the ongoing efforts by the New Zealand government to reduce gang crime and the workload it puts on the NZ police they have recommended decriminalizing crime.

The Coalition government has recommended rushing this through parliament, stating:

“It will free up more police resources to tackle the growing wave of speech and thought crimes gripping this country. It will also allow more time for police to search for the elusive white supremacists and unreported weapons that are causing so much devastation in New Zealand today”.

Today Jacinda Ardern informed parliament that:

“This also would have a flow-on effect of reducing the Maori and Pacific Islanders imprisonment rate. we need to fix this unjust system that imprisons murderers, rapists, drug dealers, and other people following their dreams.” […]
“If we tell gangs that they have a personal responsibility not to commit crime, we are taking away their mana and causing social problems that need not be. Just to save a few ‘innocent’ people. We need to stop putting society before criminals’ rights.”

Furthermore, Winston Peters went on to say:

“If that bigot Scott Morrison would adopt her message of love and well-being Australia would be a much safer place to commit crime”

The bill called “The Progressive Crime Stopping Act” is expected to pass through parliament this week after our PM made a captains call to put it at the top of parliament’s agenda.

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