Newshub clearly wants customers to come again or should that be cum again? An article that appears in every way to be an advertorial for sex toys but that is not labelled as such, this week promoted a sex toy giveaway. The article goes as far as to link to the sex shop’s Facebook page and to also publish all their podcasts. The podcasts have titles such as:

  • Good vibrations EPISODE_EXPLICIT
  • Confessions of a call girl EPISODE_EXPLICIT
  • Wow, we’re already fighting EPISODE_EXPLICIT
  • Put your money where your mouth is EPISODE_EXPLICIT
  • Hot kiss, no tongue EPISODE_EXPLICIT
  • Back to sex school with the Trainee Sexologist EPISODE_EXPLICIT
  • Come here often? EPISODE_EXPLICIT
  • Hey mum, I married a stranger EPISODE_EXPLICIT
  • Badass birthing bitches EPISODE_EXPLICIT
  • Dirty laundry EPISODE_EXPLICIT
  • On the brink of a kink EPISODE_EXPLICIT
  • To choke or not to choke? EPISODE_EXPLICIT
  • Just married! EPISODE_EXPLICIT
  • The break up EPISODE_EXPLICIT
  • Our second favourite F wordEPISODE_EXPLICIT30:10
  • Pre-porn pep talkEPISODE_EXPLICIT
  • Who’s got game?EPISODE_EXPLICIT
  • Condoms on the windowsill EPISODE_EXPLICIT
  • Talk dirty to me EPISODE_EXPLICIT
  • Launched into orbit

Believe it or not dear readers the below photo is not of wireless earplugs but something called a Satisfyer Pro 2.

The BFD. Come again? These are not ear plugs. Source: Newshub

The advertorial article doesn’t explain where you stick it but promotes a free giveaway of sex toys by the company on Valentine’s Day. If you ever wondered why romance is dead, wonder no longer. In my day you were given flowers.

I am not going to publish the sex shop’s company name here. If they want The BFD to promote their sex toys they will have to pay for the privilege, and if they do we will clearly label it as an advertorial. Unlike Newshub we have standards when it comes to content that we are paid to publish.

A few months back, for example, we published an advertorial for the ACT party that was clearly labelled as an advertorial. During Election 2020 we will publish paid for political content from any political party. Yes, even Labour if they decide they want access to our audience.

If you would like to talk to me about an advertorial on The BFD for your political party or company you can contact me, sb at, for a no-obligation chat about what we can do for you.

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