Arrogant elitist hypocrisy is a byword for the Green-left. The modern-day nomenklatura take it as their right to flit about the globe, from their collections of mansions to luxury resorts, in Business Class and private jets, while sternly lecturing the rest of us to make do with less. Indeed, surveys show that the most ostentatiously “green” zealots have the most gargantuan environmental footprints.

Which shouldn’t be a surprise: they’re just following in the gilded footsteps of their Dear Leader.

George Soros made big investment bets on fossil fuel companies in the fourth quarter of 2017 even though he claims these firms contribute to climate change, according to a Daily Caller News Foundation investigation.

In the last quarter of 2017, Soros Fund Management reported investments in eleven new fossil corporations totaling nearly $160 million, according to his company’s December 31, 2017, filing before the Securities and Exchange Commission reviewed by The DCNF.

Guess he’s got to destroy the planet in order to save it. It’s not as if he’s a greedy liar, surely?

His investments in fossil fuels undermine his public pledge to use his money to eliminate the oil, gas and coal industries, claiming they threaten the planet by accelerating climate change.

The billionaire’s most recent political efforts to warn about climate change was his underwriting of the organizations behind the April 29, 2017, “People’s Climate March” that marked the 100th day of President Donald Trump’s administration. Soros donated $36 million to 18 of the march’s 55 steering committee organizations between 2000 to 2014, according to the Media Research Center.

He also agreed to give former Vice President Al Gore’s Alliance for Climate Protection $10 million over a three-year period.

Further, Soros founded and operates his own climate change advocacy group called the Climate Policy Initiative. He pledged to give at least $100 million in 2009 to the institute over ten years and in 2015 he gave $26.5 million to the group, according to his latest filing with the Internal Revenue Service.

So, Soros gives $70 million to climate groups. At the same time, he invests $180 million in planet-killing fossil fuels. George Soros is putting his money where his mouth isn’t.

He’s also pouring tens of millions into some of the Green-left’s biggest bogey-men.

His company’s second-biggest energy investment was Halliburton[…]

Soros not only invested in oil and natural gas companies, but also into coal. Soros tried to position himself as an enemy of coal, stating at the 2009 Copenhagen climate change summit, “There is no magic bullet for climate change, but there is a lethal bullet: coal.”

In the last quarter, however, he invested $4.7 million into Peabody Energy Corporation, the largest “pure play coal company” in the United States, according to the company’s website. Peabody sold 188 million tons of coal to electric utilities in 2016. The company operates 23 surface and underground mines in the United States and in Australia[…]in June 2016 the billionaire invested $54 million in Columbia Pipeline[…]

His firm currently invests in cars and airlines, including holding stock in General Motors, Fiat-Chrysler, and Allison Transmission, which makes transmissions for heavy-duty trucks. He has supported airlines for many years and currently owns stock in Southwest Airlines and Spirit Airlines.

He also ploughs substantial money into Monsanto, and AmerisourceBergen, a company convicted for supplying contaminated syringes to cancer patients. What a guy!

So, why the disconnect between Soros’s public virtue-signalling and his private money-making?

“These global elitists try to wrap themselves in this ‘sky-is-falling, fossil fuels are bad, climate change is real mantra,’ but the fact of the matter is they are doing that to manipulate markets,” [Craig Richardson, president of the free market Energy and Environment Legal Institute] said.

Just like the nomenklatura of old, the globalist elite spout all the right-on slogans, but it’s really all about just keeping the rubes quiet while they wallow in their privilege. They’re the pigs who are more equal than the rest of us animals.


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