Is it any wonder that people don’t trust the authorities, much less the legacy media, any more?

The legacy media’s reputation slides further down the s-bend every day. Almost nobody trusts the government. Even the thin blue line is slipping in the public eye.

Maybe they should all just stop trying to pull the wool over our eyes all the time.

We know for a fact that government and police in Europe and Britain deliberately lied and covered up for appalling crimes committed by Muslim gangs. Australia is little better: police routinely lie about crimes committed by immigrant gangs, and the peanut gallery in the legacy media and academia dutifully parrot the lies.

The public are not stupid: they’ve cottoned on quick enough. Every time a distinctive crime takes place and police and media either suppress key identifying information or reel out their standard nostrums about “unclear motive”, the public know exactly what’s going on.

Because, eventually, the truth will out. No matter how many times the left-elite shriek “racism!”

The man shot dead by police after stabbing a young tourist in Brisbane’s CBD this morning was on a counter terror watch list, police have revealed.

The 25-year-old was born in Afghanistan but had been living in Australia and was known to police, but detectives say at this stage they are not treating his actions as a terror attack.

The few details released already seem familiar enough, but ignore all that.

The man, whose name has not yet been released, was shot by police after he stabbed an overseas tourist with a knife on Mary Street around 10am today.

The 26-year-old male victim was walking down Mary Street with a woman, at 10am when they were approached by the man, who they say was “behaving strangely”.

[…]”It will be alleged that the male person has confronted police, he has been armed with a knife and police have discharged their firearms,” Det Supt Fleming said.

And, of course:

Det Sup Int Fleming said the attacker was known to police[…]

Now, to be scrupulously fair, we don’t know for sure what the attacker’s motive was, but we know enough to form a reasonable suspicion.

More importantly, compare the suspiciously scrupulous reticence of police and media in a case like this, compared to, say, the recent horrific murder-suicide of a family by their father. The media especially have already got the case sewn shut to their satisfaction. In fact, the media have not only solved the crime; they’ve also taken it upon themselves to apportion blame to every single white male in Australia.

In fact, anyone who dares urge the same reticence as granted to the crimes of Muslim (alleged) terrorists is viciously pilloried. When Bettina Arndt wrote in support of a policeman who urged the public to wait until the full facts emerged about the murder-suicide, the reaction of the media-elite was immediate and furious. The pile-on to strip Arndt of her AM is flatulating itself all the way to parliament.

The legacy media, political class and police can wring their hands all they want, but they’ve only got themselves to blame. If they want people to start trusting them again, and not to jump to inconvenient conclusions whenever a suspicious crime occurs, then they have to stop lying to us at every turn.

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