Showing precisely what we have long suspected, that Simon Bridges has the spine of a jellyfish, he has started walking back his declaration ruling out Winston Peters and NZ First:

Bridges ruled-out NZ First at his caucus retreat in early February, saying he couldn’t trust the party. 

“I don’t believe we can work with NZ First and have a constructive trusting relationship,” he said then. 

Bridges pointed to the decision of NZ First leader Winston Peters to sue several National Party ministers during coalition negotiations as a factor in the bad blood between the parties.

“I don’t trust NZ First and I don’t believe New Zealanders can either,” he said. 

But Bridges said that he would not rule out working with NZ First under any Government that he led, opening the door for Peters and his party to join future Bridges-led Governments.

“No, I don’t think that’s my right or privilege if you like, but I’ve made clear that is the case for this election – we’re ruling them out,” he said.

Pressed on the question, Bridges would only commit to ruling NZ First out of any talks after the 2020 election, “no ifs, no buts”. 

Decisions like the one Bridges has already made would have to go through the National Party board and caucus, however Bridges does have the right to make a personal call never to work with Peters and his party NZ First.

He didn’t ask the caucus the last time he made his captain’s call, and now, after just one poll showing he can’t win, he’s started walking back his pledge.

It looks like he’s had some remedial math lessons, or rediscovered that he can actually do arithmetic.

Sycophantic supporters who were crowing last week will be asking WTF? this week.

The only person laughing will be Winston Peters. Simon Bridges proves yet again that he has tits for hands.

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