Credi, where credit is due, Countdown have successfully turned lemons into lemonade, finding various ways to profit from the Government’s plastic bag ‘save the turtles’ scam. Their latest scheme is to counter all the naughty customers taking off with their plastic baskets by turning around and selling plastic baskets to them.

The BFD. Photo supplied. When free plastic bags were taken away by Countdown customers started purloining the baskets.

Now instead of having to be organised enough to bring bags with you or having to pay for fabric, plastic or paper bags at the counter you can instead purchase a reusable plastic basket (which you still have to remember to take with you). Apparently plastic baskets don’t choke turtles and cannot be used as turtle snorkels so they are completely acceptable to the Green Police.

The BFD. Photoshopped image credit Rick H

The baskets are made from regrind plastic which apparently turns them into good plastic. Regrind plastic is made from scrap resin that is ground down and then re-used.

The baskets cost $10 each, which is the equivalent in cost of purchasing ten $1 reusable plastic bags or fifty 20c paper bags.

The excellent thing about these baskets is that they will never ever ever end up in a landfill or in the ocean. /Tui

And they will pack so unobtrusively in your car boot and take up no room at all!

The BFD. Photo supplied

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