Project 40 is the search to find a deeper understanding as to why cigars have a positive cognitive impact on the mind and body. Similar to music, cigars have a calming effect that allows us to feel in control as well as feel rewarded. A proper blend, price, and experience has been developed for your enjoyment. Take control of your happiness.” so that’s an interesting take on blending a cigar I’ll give them that.  Let’s see how it’s made up.

BrandAlec Bradley
 Size Toro
Origin  Nicaragua 
Binder Habano Brazil

I do like a bit of a Brazil binder I must say. This cigar has also been rated as high as 93 points in some reviews so, let’s get into it and see how it stacks up.  

Construction  7/10
Flavour 9/10
Complexity 9/10

Construction & Burn

The biggest point drop for me was the construction by a mile. It had an inconsistent shape and density as if some of the filler was bunched up unevenly. It even had a slight bend to the cigar! That however did not seem to affect the burn which was damn near perfect.

Flavour & Complexity

What an unusual mix! But it works. Throughout I got flavours of; Nut, cocoa, spice, fruit and a slightly floral overtone with even a hint of caramel at times. The complexity is great with a good blend and no real jump out flavour at any point


Very firmly in the mid strength category, slightly weaker that I would like but enough there to keep me interested.


Great cigar! If it wasn’t for the off putting construction of this particular sample I think this stick would be getting closer to the mid 90s from me but as it is with the sample I had I give is 91 points. 

Now here is where I would normally tell you how to get some to try yourself… but as of yet these are not available to purchase in NZ so maybe you’ll need to have a chat to Grant and see what he has to say?