Monday, July 6, 2020

    Don Jose

    Cigar reviewer and host of An Evening with The Don - Hosted Cigar Parties. Cigar Reviewer of the Year 2015 Cigar Reviewer of the Year 2016

    Nuggs by Jas Sum Kral

    Before we kick into it, I realised last week that my reviews no longer explain the review criteria, and that that may be very confusing for people...

    Dias de Gloria by A.J Fernandez

    New from the legend the is A.J Fernandez is the Días de Gloria, said to be a throwback to the good ol' days of Cuba.

    Alec Bradley Project 40

    Project 40 is the search to find a deeper understanding as to why cigars have a positive cognitive impact on the mind and body. Similar...

    Rocky Patel Vintage 1990

    Now this isn't a new cigar… or even new to NZ. But somehow its managed to go un-reviewed by me (even though I have smoked a good...

    Diamond Crown Julius Caeser

    “It was 1895 when Hungarian émigré Julius C. Newman founded a cigar company in his family's barn in Cleveland. Today his grandsons Eric and Bobby run...

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