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    Castles of Steel

    Fighting Temeraire Title: Castles of Steel: Britain, Germany, and the Winning of the Great War at SeaAuthor: Robert K. MassieFirst Published: 2003 Pages: 880 (Kindle Edition)  The BFD This book by the American historian Robert K Massie...

    Dias de Gloria by A.J Fernandez

    New from the legend the is A.J Fernandez is the Días de Gloria, said to be a throwback to the good ol' days of Cuba. “These are the four oldest farms I own,” says Fernandez, “and I’ve been setting aside tobacco from each farm...

    The Ardbeg 17yo Review

    The Ardbeg 17 is a fabled bottle, enough said.  It will confuse and intrigue you - like a good bottle of whisky should. 

    Movie Review: Planet of the Humans

    Dave The latest documentary by Michael Moore is free to watch in its entirety on YouTube. Ad revenue may be his best bet of monetising his “work” these days as box office sales are a mere shadow of what they once were....

    Cigar Travel Case by @eat_smoke_drink

    Being a cigar lover, I find that we spend good money on lighters, cutters and of course- Cigars!  I decided that the current crap out there either don't have enough pockets for my kit and / or use sub standard material. Pleather, Crap leather...

    Adelphi Bowmore 23yo 54% cask #555

    This is a dirty dram. Filthy AF - I am slightly aroused.  You think you know Bowmore? think again! This is like your partner of 20 years having a mid life crisis and deciding they want to get into BDSM...

    The Ardbeg Blasda 40% review

    Everyone has heard of Ardbeg - if you haven't then get the F out of your cave. The Ardbeg demands such a cult status that they become uber collectible.  This is probably one of the strangest expressions of an Ardbeg...

    Cigar Basics – Cutting Your Cigar

    Grant Ovenden - The Cigar A bad cut will ruin even the best cigar, so it is important to cut your cigar correctly to avoid disappointment later. While it would seem that cutting a cigar is quite possibly the easiest...

    The View from the Corner Shop- the Diary of a Yorkshire Shop Assistant in Wartime

    Some time ago I bought two books, both of which were part of the British Government's Mass Observation Project. One was "The Diaries of Nella Last, Writing in War and Peace". The second was Kathleen Hey's "The View from the Corner Shop - The Diary of a...

    What The Dickens! A Black David Copperfield?

    [...] To cast an actor of Indian ethnicity in this role is an act of extraordinary cultural disrespect. In spite of acknowledging that Dickens’ novel is set in the 1840s, Iannucci seems utterly oblivious to the consequences of him inflicting the “colour blindness” of the 2020s on Dickens’ art.


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