Planet Earth, i.e, the world, is falling off its axis. Funnily enough, it’s the people most affected by it that are the ones causing the problems. It’s not the “OK Boomers” Ms Swarbrick was talking about recently. Definitely not. It’s the Millennials and Gen Z that Ms Marvelly was on about. These people are so woke, so pc, so riddled with guilt over climate change nonsense, and so obsessed with transgender and other like issues that, without realising it, they are screwing up their own lives. Their actions, determined by their thought processes, are in fact screwing up society as a whole.

So who are these people? If you were to define them with a broad brush they largely make up the Left of politics. A lot of them possess personalities that would be better left at the front door when they leave for work in the morning. An alternative would be to go to The BFD and look at a few cartoons of SonovaMin and Boomslang prior to departing, but with personality bypasses which most on the Left have been unfortunate to inherit, that probably wouldn’t work. Watching the Government benches in Question Time is proof enough of this. What a sad, miserable, bedraggled, incompetent bunch they look.

Let’s start with woke. Woke as a political term refers to an awareness of issues concerning social and racial justice. It is derived from the African-American vernacular English expression “stay woke”, whose grammatical aspect refers to a continuing awareness of these issues. This is perhaps why being woke is akin to driving down a one-way street, because it always only appears to involve certain sections of society and people of colour. The aforementioned cartoons are a good place to start. On Thursday some good examples were right here on The BFD. Those poking fun at white people, no matter how offensive, are by and large not commented on. But change the colour of the people from white to brown or black and all hell breaks loose. Along come Mr Foon and Ms Ardern exploding in self-righteous indignation.

Why? Why do people of colour deserve this special treatment? The answer is they don’t. Society has become conditioned to either accept or been brainwashed into thinking this is the correct thing to do. Who by? Those on the Left pedlling this sort of nonsense, that’s who. What these people are in fact doing, though they are not bright enough to see it, is doing coloured people a disservice. Instead of saying we are all equal and we all have the same abilities they go along with the rhetoric of many people of colour who see little hope. The Government should be encouraging these people, not taking the easy option and consigning them to welfare at our expense.

Right now in the Democratic presidential nomination race, Kamala Harris has pulled out for reasons which are to do with campaign finances. But that hasn’t stopped calls that it is purely racist and in the next debate there will be only white faces. So what? This is how it’s panned out, nothing more and nothing less. We then look at the impeachment circus and again there are complaints that there are no black faces on the committee. For whatever reason, that’s how it is. But think about it, isn’t it interesting that the Left of politics always champion these people and then proceed to treat them like dirt.

It’s happening right here with this Government. The Maori caucus, useless though they are, are being walked all over and simply taken for granted. Last weekend they were unhappy that a white woman was elected over a coloured Union man. Was this, in fact, white v brown, was it male v female or was it Union v non-Union? Who would really know but in today’s world, it could have been any one of them. It’s another good illustration of how far society has screwed itself up. If they properly WOKE up, Maori would realise National, in practical terms, have done far more for them over the years than Labour. Good luck telling the likes of Willie Jackson that.

This is where National has to do a Trump and find a way, as he has done, to resonate with the “coloured” population. Unfortunately, I don’t see that happening under the current leadership. These people, nine times out of ten, will vote Labour as they haven’t been sufficiently enthused through a charismatic leader from the other side who can convince them to see an alternative and more aspirational way.

I’ll deal with political correctness in my next post.


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