ACT Party

The 1 News-Colmar Brunton poll released yesterday evening confirms ACT is appealing to an increasing number of voters. And, for the second time in just a few months, the polls show ACT holding the balance of power.

Our own research shows that ACT is appealing to a broader cross-section of New Zealanders, the common themes being: alarm at the direction of the country; rejection of this Government’s inept management of the country; the timidity of National; and, the realisation ACT is the party to hold the two major parties to account.

An increased ACT presence in the next Parliament will be a true game-changer. David Seymour’s skilful shepherding of the End of Life Choice Bill through Parliament last month, his introduction of charter schools and their quick success, three strikes legislation, 90-day trials, and the Productivity Commission are ample evidence ACT doesn’t tinker – it reforms and innovates.

We need more New Zealanders firming up their support for ACT. We need their votes. But we also need their party membership and financial support. We need to get in front of every potential ACT voter and explain in easily understood terms what our policies are, how they link to our principles and our vision for a fairer, freer, more prosperous New Zealand. We need them to understand how, with an existing presence in Parliament, there is no elusive 5% threshold, and that every party vote counts.

We have the plans in place: we are very close to finalising our campaign messaging and how we get these messages in front of target audiences. It could be a long run to the election or, given the current volatility in the polls and stresses between the coalition parties, it could be an early election requiring a lot of intensive effort and saturation campaigning. Either option is expensive. Every membership subscription and donation counts!


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