I have just read a very good article on Breitbart News entitled ‘Greta the teenage puppet goes full Marxist.’ According to Greta the climate crisis is not just about the environment. Surprise, surprise, it’s a crisis of human rights, justice and political will. Colonial, racist and patriarchal systems have created it and fuelled it. Greta says we need to dismantle them all. Now, who put those words into her mouth? Was it her parents, George Soros perhaps, or maybe, just maybe, Greta has got Marama Davidson’s mobile number. Because, sure as hell, those words didn’t emanate from between the ears of little Greta.

But, here’s the thing, what those words exposed is what we have known all along. Climate change is just one chink in the real socialist, communist, Marxist agenda to achieve their United Nations driven goal of a socialist utopia. Hence the Greens have correctly been labelled watermelons, green on the outside and red on the inside. As time goes on they are becoming more red than green and climate change and the environment are taking second place to their number one priority which is their Marxist agenda.

Those voters in the upmarket leafy suburbs of both Australia and New Zealand need to open their eyes to the con job that is being pedalled here. When they vote Green they’re not voting for environmental concerns, they are in fact voting for a system of Government that is far from their liking. Those politicians in the Green parties who are truly concerned with the environment are equally dangerous as they will be of a mind to introduce policies that will also wreck the economy.

In this country, it is up to the National Party to show some leadership in this area and come up with policies that are moderate, realistic and therefore achievable. The nonsense from the Left must be countered by National who must illustrate to the rural sector in particular that they understand their concerns and appreciate the efforts farmers are already making to assist the environment.

A good start would be a change of heart on the stupid emissions Bill they recently signed up to.


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