When Kiwibuild failed Jacinda Ardern’s government moved the goal posts and called it a Kiwibuild reset.

The housing promise was to build 100,000 affordable homes over 10 years, half of them in Auckland. The KiwiwBuild reset has a build target of zero.

Another example of moving the goal posts was electric vehicles. After setting the goal to make all government vehicles (where practicable) electric by 2025 they very quietly downgraded it to a commitment that, after mid-2025, “all new vehicles entering the fleet will be emissions-free.”

Stuart Nash has moved the goal posts for the gun buyback in what seems to have become a signature move for this government. In what I can only describe as a Gun Buyback reset he has decided to mitigate the failure of the buyback by claiming that they underestimated how many guns are actually out there.

Using the police numbers, only 67% of hand-ins have been centrefire semi-automatics. So that makes it about an 8-10% compliance based on 200-240k estimates. Even their lower estimates of 100k would be 20%, or 60k would be 33%. Even the most unlikely scenario Nash can pitch is an utter failure.

Police Minister Stuart Nash says there could be fewer guns in the country than experts have calculated.

[…] ‘Maybe it is less than KPMG estimated … It was a rough estimate based on some modelling. Maybe KPMG got it wrong, who knows …. Maybe there are fewer guns in the community than originally anticipated.”

His comments come as police data shows they could struggle to collect even the lowest estimate of banned guns, under a gun amnesty and buyback scheme, which ends on December 20.


It’s like someone going on a diet with the goal of losing 15 kilos and when they find that after many months that they have only lost 1 kilo they then claim that the scales were faulty and that they only needed to lose 1 kilo after all.

If as Nash claims, the numbers were faulty, that means there wasn’t a problem to begin with. Nash was advised to make semi-auto centrefire rifles E cat before rushing into a compulsory buy-back, but he ignored that advice. Now he is faced with an abject failure, his face saver reset is to say oops we guessed wrong. #fail #worsethantwyford #idiot

But police have not set any specific operational targets for the gun buyback scheme.

Well that is handy. It wouldn’t have anything to do with the fact that they couldn’t set targets because to do that they would need to know how many firearms are out there would it?

[…]”The reality is that without a register since 1983, we have no real idea of the number of firearms to be captured by the buyback scheme. The only real figure is that for the Cat E registered firearms.”

[…] Nash said the number of guns in the community was a great unknown, which was why a firearms register was needed.

[…] Police believed law abiding firearms owners would continue to hand their firearms in, she said.

Which only goes to prove what a waste of time this all is. The people who this gun ban was supposedly aimed at, the people who supposedly pose a threat to our society if they own these “evil” weapons, are the VERY people who will NOT be handing them in. They are also the same people who will NOT be on the proposed firearms register because criminals are…wait for it…wait for it…not law-abiding – DUH!


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