As the media have collaborated to bombard the populace with environmental and climate doom propaganda, it is only fair and reasonable to hold their feet to the fire (as it were) and examine past media promoted predictions that have failed to materialise.

From Associated Press, June 30, 1989

  • Entire countries wiped off the map.
  • Zillions of climate refugees.
  • The USA a dust bowl.
  • 1 – 7°F temperature rise by 2019.

Actual warming since 1989 based on linear trend lines:

  • HadCRUT4 0.54 °C (0.96 °F)
  • UAHv6.0 0.42 °C (0.76 °F)

Current score: Experts 0 – Reality 14.

Photoshopped image credit Boondecker