Scott Morrison’s election victory was a quiet mass protest by “the Quiet Australians” against the tiny, noisy clique of left-elites. Bob Brown’s pathetic clown-parade of screeching rainbow macaws was vocally rejected by town after town. The tiny clique of upper-middle-class almond-fussers playing dress-ups might steam the knickers of a few taxpayer-funded journalists, but their idiot pantomime antics just annoy the crap out of people who actually work for a living.

What’s more, they’re putting lives at risk. When some emaciated beta “male feminist” or blue-haired landwhale with a gender studies degree superglues xirself to the road and gridlocks a city, emergency services are blocked as well. The Queensland government is just one that’s taking action against these annoying twats.

The Queensland government is planning to fast-track proposed laws to jail protesters in the wake of disruptive climate demonstrations this week.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has condemned the Extinction Rebellion protests, saying activists were putting themselves and others at risk while soaking up valuable police and emergency services resources.

Last night Ms Palaszczuk said she was determined to pass legislation that would see protesters jailed for up to two years if they use “dangerous devices” such as drums with concrete and locks…“I say to protesters […] ‘what if it was your mother or grandmother that was held up from getting to hospital because of your actions, blocking streets?’,” Ms Palaszczuk told The Courier-Mail.

Or worse, stopping them getting their Maccas fix?

Nothing says “I’m saving the planet!” like a double-quarter pounder with large fries and coke – with a plastic straw.

Naturally, useless taxpayer-funded ambulance-chasers are screeching up a storm in their biodegradable teacups.

The Human Rights Law Centre says the government has a legitimate interest in ensuring peaceful protests but that this law goes too far […]”We are seeing a clear and worrying wave of laws from governments across Australia that restrict people’s ability to stand together and speak out on issues they care deeply about.”

No, we’re seeing a wave of self-righteous, uninformed parasites restricting ordinary people’s ability to go about their business, and wasting everyone’s time.

And all because of the imaginary sky dragon that’s got these shrieking ninnies running around like headless chooks.

Looks like grandad’s been into the cooking sherry again.


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