When climate scold Greta Thunberg screeched at the UN that “people are dying!”, she was barely half-right.

Yes, people are dying, and they are dying because of climate change. But they are not dying because of global warming, and they are not dying because governments are refusing to act.

People are dying because of the very policies that Greta Thunberg wants to force on the world.

As many commentators have pointed out to the ignorant, megalomaniac brat, climate-related deaths have plummeted. People are far more likely to die from cold than heat. People are dying because of the climate-change panic.

Staggering energy prices are taking a toll on those unable to pay their bills, a UK regulator has admitted, confirming that thousands of people may have died because of fuel poverty and lack of heating during winter.

Climate change is an obsession for the elite. The sort of elites who fly their private jets or sail luxury yachts to “climate change summits” in swanky resorts, and vote for government subsidies for wind farms that will never be built in their leafy inner-city enclaves. The costs, in money and lives, are borne by the poor.

The most vulnerable households spend more on their energy bills than wealthier ones, and “can therefore be at greater risk of fuel poverty,” according to a comprehensive new study by the Office of Gas and Energy Markets (Ofgem) on Thursday.

Fuel poverty, a common UK term for customers who cannot afford to keep adequately warm at an affordable cost, “increases the risk that people [will] develop ill health,” it acknowledged.

Over winter 2017-18, we estimate that fuel poverty may have contributed to 5,500 excess winter deaths and that 16,500 excess winter deaths may have been linked to people living in cold homes.

The shocking death toll occurred despite the government trying to make energy more “cost reflective”.

Lest this all be dismissed as mere propaganda from RT, the report itself makes for eye-opening reading. Ofgem (a suitably Orwellian moniker) trumpets its goals as “driv[ing] down prices” and “protect[ing] consumers, especially the vulnerable”. Hard as the report tries to gloss over the inconvenient truths, it’s obvious that it’s failed those goals badly.

In England and Wales, around one in five privately rented households live in fuel poverty, compared to around a tenth of other households […]fuel poverty may have contributed to 5,500 excess winter deaths in winter 2017-18. From 2013 to 2018, more than 64,000 fuel poor customers have been connected to the mains gas grid, providing access to cheaper energy.”

In other parts of the UK, the situation is even more: one in four Scottish homes is fuel poor.

Meanwhile, the goal of all this suffering, “decarbonisation” is failing badly:

UK carbon emissions fell by only 12 million tonnes in 2018, the slowest rate of decline since 2012.


As George Orwell rebutted the foolish argument about needing to break eggs to make an omelette: “Where’s the omelette?”

People are indeed dying, Greta, you ignorant, arrogant brat: They’re dying because of people like you.


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