Some feminists are belatedly waking up to the fact that there’s not much room under the rainbow flag for women. As the “progressives” push harder and harder for so-called “transgender rights”, the rights of women, it seems, can go to hell.

Transgenderism is rapidly stripping women of everything from privacy and safety, to even the basic right to be women and mothers. Indeed, the crowning of Bruce Jenner as “Woman of the Year” showed unequivocally that women have even been stripped of the right to be the best women. Now the shrieking cry-bullies of transgenderism are elbowing women out of the queue for life-saving healthcare.

When a Twitter trans activist complained bitterly that women with cancer were being treated ahead of self-mutilating trannies, plenty of its friends piled on to agree. According to transgenderism, hacking off perfectly healthy breasts in order to pander to transitory delusions is more important than saving the lives of cancer sufferers. Get to the back of the line, women.

Apparently, the socialist Victorian government agrees – and wants to stiff the taxpayer, as well.

Transgender surgery, such as ­“facial feminisation” with a price tag of up to $70,000, should be made available in public hospitals and subsidised by Medicare, says a report to Victoria’s government […]It urges more surgical training and says Medicare should recognise that “gender ­affirming” surgery is not cosmetic but helps a trans person lead “a productive and meaningful life”.

The report says: “Many pharmaceutical and surgical procedures (for trans people) are not listed on Medicare/PBS schedules and require private funding, which can be expensive,” and gives the example of “craniofacial reconstruction” (facial feminisation, costing $50,000-$70,000) after puberty for trans females born male.

In other words, plastic surgery. On the taxpayer’s dollar.

This is something that is denied to women, but apparently men who think they’re women are to be handed everything they scream and pout for, no questions asked.

In fact, women who require genuinely therapeutic surgery such as breast reduction are more than likely to be refused Medicare funding. To be covered even for therapeutic breast surgery, women have to jump through all manner of bureaucratic hoops. “To be eligible for a Medicare rebate, the surgery will need to be deemed medically necessary by meeting strict Medicare criteria.”

Yet, now we are being told that any delusional, faddish teenager who suddenly decides they’re not who they really are, should be handed on a plate what is denied to women.

To underscore the shocking double-standard, transgender teenagers can get their breasts lopped off on a whim, because “if you want breasts at a later point in your life, you can go and get them” (it’s that easy!). Women, though, have to satisfy stringent requirements including the age of their youngest child. Apparently actual women are nothing more than breeders’n’feeders.

[Royal Children’s Hospital] and Health Minister Jenny Mikakos would not comment when asked about any plans for enabling under-18s trans surgery.

Ms Mikakos has said last year’s clinical guidelines issued by Dr Telfer’s RCH team represent “the most stringent safety standards” […]also hailed as “the world’s most progressive”

So which are they? Stringent or “progressive”? But just in case you think these people aren’t complete and utter nutbar ideologues:

Dr Telfer, who has claimed “gender is mostly a biological ­entity”, said people did ask how very young children could know they were trans. “We have two- or three-year-olds who verbalise very clearly how they feel about their gender, and we listen,” Dr Telfer told a Medical Journal of Australia magazine last year.

And I’ve had two and three-year-olds who very clearly verbalised that they were monkeys and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I didn’t go shoving women with cancer out of the queue so that they could get “vital” shell-reconstruction surgery.


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