A Campaign Director of CitizenGo, which is “a community of active citizens that seeks to promote the participation of society in politics,” and mother of five young children Caroline Farrow, is currently facing the threat of prison, for daring to express her opinion. An opinion moreover that most of us would agree is factually correct.

On October 15, she must face a judge and a transgender activist who has harassed her and her family for months and who has demanded that she pay tens of thousands of British Pounds and be sent to prison.

Farrow’s ordeal started March this year when she was investigated by the police after describing sex reassignment surgery performed on a 16-year-old boy as “castration”, “mutilation” and “child abuse.”

The mother who allowed her son to be medically “castrated” on his 16th birthday is the leader of a UK transgender lobby group who took her son to Thailand to be “mutilated” because the surgery is illegal in the UK. Because of the publicity that resulted from Farrow’s remarks, the Thai authorities reacted by banning the procedure for anyone under 18 years old.

This decision by the Thai authorities turned Caroline Farrow into a target. An aggressive Transgender lobby group are now out for blood and are doing all they can to silence her and punish her in an effort to cause a chilling effect to stop anyone else from speaking up.

Militant Transgender Lobby groups like these are both a threat to free speech and children’s rights.

After the police decided to drop the charges against Farrow, another aggressive transgender lobbyist, Stephanie Hayden, decided to target her and has directed a campaign of abuse at her, across several social media platforms.

Many blog posts were written about her that contained violent and sexual threats including threats against her young children.

Caroline’s family also had to endure harassment such as unordered food deliveries coming to her house as many as eight times a day. She began to receive online confirmations for goods she hadn’t ordered and people even made malicious online reports in her name resulting in a police visit to her family. The activists got hold of her family’s phone numbers and email addresses and caused utter havoc.

Terrified in case they might carry out their threats Caroline stood up to her bullies on social media and pleaded with them to leave her alone.

Stephanie Hayden then arrived at her house to serve a lawsuit on her for alleged harassment in an attempt to use the legal system to bully her.

Two days later a judge believed Stephanie Hayden’s claims and expressed concern that Caroline had misgendered Stephanie, which he called offensive. The judge then banned Caroline from mentioning this transgender person again.

Stephanie Hayden is now suing Caroline for as much as 100,000 British Pounds and is attempting to set a precedent in case law to make misgendering illegal.

Not content with attempting to financially ruin Caroline’s family, Stephanie Hayden is now attempting to have her put in prison, for falsely claiming that she has broken the terms of the injunction and is in contempt of court over a joke Caroline made about a pork pie!

This is an abuse of the legal system.

Farrow is not the only woman currently being pursued by this aggressive activist. Another mother, Kate Scottow, was arrested in front of her children and detained for 11 hours by the police after she drew attention to Stephanie Hayden’s criminal past and business activities which are all in the public domain. Stephanie Hayden is now suing another 3 women for doing exactly the same thing.

No one should ever be persecuted for saying that sex reassignment surgery performed on a 16-year-old old boy is ‘castration’, ‘mutilation’ or ‘child abuse’. I hope that Farrow wins because if she loses it will be legal open season on anyone who dares to tell the truth about biological sex and sex reassignment surgery and anyone who dares to stand up to protect the bodies of children from Transgender ideology.

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