Two years ago the Taxpayer’s Union launched a campaign against the Government handing over regular donations (some of which reached nearly three million dollars), to a subsidiary of the Clinton Foundation. Yesterday the government revealed that they are stopping the funding early and will not be renewing the contract. In doing this they are breaching the terms of the current contract.

The Taxpayer’s Union has reported that this will save taxpayers millions of dollars. Prior to this decision the government sent more than $10,000,000 to the Clinton group.

At the beginning of our campaign, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade even claimed that the Clinton Health Access Initiative — the technical body through which the Government funnelled donations — wasn’t the Clinton Foundation at all. This was obviously ridiculous: the Clinton Foundation appoints the organisation’s directors, making it a subsidiary in legal terms.

[…] “Soon after Hillary Clinton lost the Presidential election to Donald Trump, many western nations that were funding this diplomatic rort pulled out. Australia stopped its funding in late 2016, but New Zealand was one of the few to continue the claim that the funding was for genuine aid.”

Taxpayer’s Union


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