Dear Editor

Eureka! I may have found the most obnoxious mayoral candidate profile in the local body elections, standing for Tauranga. Here is her candidate profile as sent out by Council for the current election. 

Here is a copy of her responses to a survey of candidates conducted by the Spinoff.
She seems to believe that Maori invented the Reserve Bank before Europeans arrived, and then the evil colonials came along and took all their money and economic systems off them.

She wants an end to our “white supremacist” government, its replacement with a Maori government, and of course wants to take all the money off the rich Pakeha. She may also be the first mayor who wants to prosecute the Council for existing if she is put in charge of it.
Apparently, her previous job was a highly skilled position as a “surveyor of wiping asses”.  She clearly plans to use this hard-earned skill if elected, as one of her priorities is to:  “Wipe my shitty ass, because everyone has stink shit“.  At least she sounds a little less biased in that last part.  She may have hit on something there actually, how often have we said that councils should get back to doing the basics, like taking care of sewage and rubbish?

The Spinoff for their part are described as:  “a dirty group of white supremacy mafia gangsters hiding in an office”.  Again, not entirely false.

Remember folks, get your vote in for Ms Kingi before noon on Saturday, or you will have to go back to wiping your own shitty ass. I would use Stephen Berry’s ranking system for this candidate, but I couldn’t fit all of the clowns on one page.   


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