So the little ones managed to tag an extra day onto their school holidays, no doubt with the blessing of their so-called teachers who have decided that climate change is a subject within the curriculum that deserves to be politicised. This is a tool whereby students can be brainwashed to the point of fear through hysteria emanating from many teachers’ mouths purely to suit and promote their left-wing U.N. agenda. No doubt there were thousands more pupils who simply took the day off.

It is most unfortunate that the Prime Minister is leading the charge in the dissemination of this willfully misleading information. The nonsense being spouted to students that the planet, and indeed they themselves are going to perish because of the climate within their lifetimes, is but one part of a broader push for the implementation of the UN dream of a one-world government controlled by the Socialist left. This is not unlike the goal Hitler had when he instigated World War Two. The likes of Ardern and her dangerous ilk who like to call themselves progressives are in fact nothing of the sort. They are all comrades stuck in the past, running around with their cloth caps on and waving their hammers and sickles.

The EU view of Brexit is a good example  Aside from the fact that they need Britain more than Britain needs them (something they wouldn’t admit to), Britain leaving is the end of their dream of a European Empire. This has been articulated by Mr Verhofstadt of the European Commission and he is very angry. The real objective is to get a number of similar groups around the globe such as the one we have joined. Like the EU they start off as a trading arrangement and then the political angle is introduced. The end result is all the groups become one single entity and there’s your world Government.

The other arrant nonsense Jacinda is promoting is one where we live in a borderless world as one people being kind and hugging each other. This is all part of the plan. It is however completely devoid of reality. Where, for example, do Maori and the Treaty of Waitangi fit in that scenario? As a country do we just forfeit our sovereignty? If that is Jacinda’s true aim then she should immediately stand aside and hand over the reins to someone who is prepared to put New Zealand’s interests first.

These dangerous conspiracies are being driven and funded by the likes of George Soros and others of similar warped thinking. Wherever or whenever there’s trouble, the name Soros seems to pop up; Greta Thunberg being a recent example. If Jacinda was smart enough she’d realise she is fraternising with people who have undesirable aims for both the planet and its inhabitants. They are only interested in pushing their own barrows with the end result being of benefit to no one but themselves.

I, for one, do not wish the sovereignty of my country to be lost at the behest of lunatic socialist dictators. Nationalism and patriotism are what this country needs along with a political party which is prepared to show similar intent. I have yet to be convinced that we have one.