Ardern was all smiles after her meeting with Donald Trump, especially because he brought up the subject of her gun law reform. 

“Trump is understood to have asked Ardern, unprompted, about the gun law reform that she pushed through in the aftermath of March 15, which banned most military-style semi-automatic firearms and led to a buyback process that so far has collected about 20,000 firearms and paid out $36.7 million.

Trump has met with March 15 survivor Farid Ahmed at the White House and has talked about possible gun law reform in the US, which he has previously opposed.

Ardern said Trump showed an interest in what New Zealand had done. “We were able to move quickly and with consensus, and that obviously stood out to the world […] he listened with interest.”

A Newspaper

When one person does all the talking and the other just listens, you can be sure the speaker has the mind of a closed steel trap. You can bet he did the math, but his interest in Ardern’s gun control was no indication he was considering following her lead – but she was certainly buoyed by it.

“I certainly wouldn’t want to predetermine that that means anything in particular for the US other than an interest in what we did.”

A Newspaper

Ardern assumed that Trump’s interest was tacit approval, but Ardern read Trump wrong. Trump (like many of us) remains unconvinced that banning guns will prevent a re-occurrence in Christchurch or anywhere else.

“A day after Donald Trump asked Jacinda Ardern about gun law reform, he has seemingly quashed the notion of similar reform in the US at his annual speech in the UN General Debate.”

In uncharacteristic fashion, Trump delivered his speech to UN globalists by reading from a teleprompter.

“The future does not belong to globalists. The future belongs to patriots,” Mr. Trump said in one of the defining quotes of his more than 30-minute speech.

He defended the rights of US patriots who, under the Second Amendment, have the right to bear arms.

In the course of his 36-minute speech, Trump repeatedly referred to “patriots”, an undefined group of citizens uniquely able to interpret national interest.

“Patriots see a nation and its destiny in ways no one else can. Liberty is only preserved, sovereignty is only secure, democracy is only sustained, greatness is only realised by the will and devotion of patriots,” the president said.”

The Guardian

Of course globalist Ardern would disparage Trump’s nationalist cause while relishing the opportunity to lecture him about gun control. She should have taken Olivia Pierson’s advice to shut up and listen to the Don, because the result for Ardern is another fail.


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