I don’t know what it is about courageous people who stand up for the truth of things come what may—including being banned, censored and lied about—but I’m drawn to them. Gemma O’Doherty is one of them.
The multi-awarded Irish journalist and filmmaker, and foundress of Anti-Corruption Ireland, has made a career going after said corruption in the Garda (national police force), the Government, and the intertwining among these institutions and the Church, or in her words, “the cosy cartel that exists between the press, power, and the police in this country.”
To this day, she has never run out of material.
Given the Golden Boot Award from The Irish Independent, Ireland’s largest daily newspaper (owned by Clinton crony billionaire Denis O’Brien), Gemma took to YouTube, with the same unPC tenacity that characterized her style.
And then parent company Google took both her channels down for violations of—wait for it—corporate “hate speech” rules. This can happen when you a) are a practicing Catholic, b) won’t be boxed into a single “conservative” box; and c) have a thing or two to say about uncontrolled immigration.

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