You’d never guess it, but he’s a vegan.

Vegans are rapidly escalating their fanatical lawlessness, but are they terrorists? For the time being, at least, no. Quote:

If vegans want to do without juicy steaks, tasty cheese, leather shoes and woollen jumpers, that?s their choice. They?re free to munch mung beans and shiver in synthetics on cold days until the cows come home. But it?s a different matter to disrupt the cows, invade the properties of farming families who husband Australia?s livestock well, break into processing facilities or blockade the nation?s busiest intersection, causing peak-hour chaos, to prevent commuters buying animal-based products. Such extremists should face the full force of the law and, so far as possible, be made to pay restitution for the damage they?ve caused.Vegans are dangerous fanatics, but they aren’t terrorists ? yet

Some of the extremists? behaviour, as National Farmers Federation president Fiona Simson wrote yesterday, amounts to terrorism: ?We?ve seen groups of 100 people, clad in black uniforms, storming on to farms while streaming live on social media platforms. Their tactics are simple: to bully, threaten and intimidate. It?s important to remember these properties are not just places of business, they are also family homes where right now farm kids should be enjoying school holidays.? End of quote.


Words like ?terrorism? should not be debased by throwing them willy-nilly at everyone we disagree with ? as has happened with ?Nazi?, ?fascist? and so on. It is still too much of a stretch to call the vegan fanatics? actions ?terrorism?.

But probably not for long. Animal activists overseas have long resorted to terrorist tactics, with several groups classed as domestic terror groups. It seems depressingly likely that the unhinged fanatics in Australia will cross that line all too soon.

Taranaki Farms in Victoria is about as innocuous as a livestock farm could be. Its business model is built on principles of sustainability, and its treatment of animals is world-class. But even that hasn?t spared them from the lunatic wrath of vegan activists. Incessant online threats are turning physical.

Disgustingly, all these nutcases have achieved is to wreak more, and crueller, animal deaths. Quote:

We arrived in the morning during chore time to dead bodies all over the paddock; as far as the eye could see. These were 5 month old pullets just at the point of lay. Birds my daughters and I raise from one day old under heat lamps. We kept them warm, fed them and moved them daily for 5 months. Their death cost us at least $40,000 in lost income and expenses (probably much more) and set up back almost 6 months.

We later discovered the fence locations they had cut through and astonishingly, they even returned the following night for a third attempted theft. End of quote.

These clueless zealots know next to nothing about the animals they profess to love. Their experience of the natural world is from watching the telly. The only time they ever come near a farm is when they are trying to destroy it. Quote:

So don’t think we’re only assaulted or threatened online and that it’s just a cause of us rising above and ignoring them. They can represent a very clear threat to our efforts to farm regeneratively – make positive changes to agriculture – to improve the welfare of livestock and to farm ethically. These acts of sabotage are criminal and demonstrate the hypocrisy of the vegan abolitionist agenda.

That’s why they attack small farms like mine. Because we’re low hanging fruit and easy targets and because they are cowards. Cowards that threaten the livelihood of this farming Dad and his young girls. This will be the last post I make on the subject but I want to remind people that this isn’t just an online problem for small farmers, but a very real one. End of quote.


Yet these vicious nutcases are treated with kid gloves by authorities. Quote:

Activists who have been caught have been given fines equivalent to a parking ticket, Simson says. The punishments are inadequate?Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews says it is not worth pursuing Monday?s demonstrators to recover the cost of the expensive police operation outside Melbourne?s Flinders Street Station. End of quote.

This is the same Victorian government which has tried to bill Milo Yiannopoulos tens of thousands of dollars for the cost of police operations to fend off violent left-wing fanatics attacking a completely legal, peaceful speaking event.

Until police and courts get serious with these unhinged militants, they?re only going to escalate their dangerous lawlessness. Then they really will be terrorists. Quote:

Green-collar crime has no place in our national life. End of quote.



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