Trannies or Trudeau: lesbians, gays and bisexuals would be well advised to distance themselves from either.

As I previously reported, a small but growing number of gays and lesbians are starting to argue that it?s time for their communities to part ways with the transgender lobby. Not only do these groups in fact have very little in common, but as the transgenders and their hangers-on get louder, more intolerant and, frankly, viciously crazy, they?re tarring gays and lesbians with guilt by association. Feminists are already feeling the heat of the transgender lobby?s nasty intolerance. Gay marriage has been hijacked, as has happened here in Tasmania, to enable disturbing and dangerous legislative changes.

But, most importantly, it may be time to recognise that a divorce from sexual identity politics is actually in the best interests of transgenders themselves. Quote:

The post-marriage culture war is asymmetrical in the group known as LGBT. Gay, lesbian, and bisexual activists have carried the rainbow banner for transgenders for issues that truly matter, such as employment and housing. Now the time has come for a genuine sanity check for them to stop enabling kookier parts of the trans agenda?

Perhaps those who favor gay marriage do not want any part of enabling pedophiles in wigs having easier access to kids in bathrooms. End of quote.

Not least among the reasons for the Ls, Gs and Bs to drop the Ts is that, catchy rainbow graphics aside, they really have very little in common. Quote:

Many transgenders are not homosexual, lesbian, or bisexual. Unlike people who identify as LGB, transgenders suffer from self-deception disorders (gender dysphoria)?While some LGB people may be transgender, too, the majority are not.

The transgender public restroom issue, a hot topic in the news today, is exclusively a transgender cause not shared by those who are lesbian, gay, or bisexual. Transgender bills?allow any man to use women?s public restrooms and locker rooms if he says he feels like a woman?no surgery or birth-record change required.

Many gay men don?t care whether transgenders get access to the public restroom of the opposite sex. But gay men might care that pedophiles and deviants invoke such laws to indulge their sexual perversions in public restrooms and in doing so, bring a backlash on the LGBT community. Most women, lesbian or not, prefer to keep a man who has his toolbox intact out of the women?s restrooms and locker rooms, no matter how much he insists he is a woman?

The freedom to change genders without surgery and to enter gender-segregated spaces is an open invitation to perverts. End of quote.

Associating themselves with a community blighted by shocking rates of mental illness is a retrograde step for other communities who were once unfairly diagnosed as mentally deficient. Quote:

Studies show the transgender population has a wide range of co-existing mental disorders?People who are transgender have a higher risk of suicidal behavior, and suicide is known to be caused by depression and anxiety. The recommended treatment for depression, anxiety, or other mental disorders is not gender surgery. End of quote.

This is not to say that transgenders should simply be cast aside and consigned to the looney bin. But refusing to recognise the overwhelming evidence of mental ill-health in the transgender population is not helping them in any way. Quote:

Gay, lesbian, and bisexual activists can benefit trans people by shifting their advocacy.

First, this will help reduce the political pressure that is currently resulting in gender dysphoric people being pushed into treatments that hurt rather than help them.

?rushing the gender dysphoric person into hormones and surgery ignores any childhood trauma or other mental disorders that might be masquerading as gender dysphoria and leaps directly to the extreme measures of injecting cross-gender hormones and scheduling surgery to remove the original ?equipment.? End of quote.

Suicide rates among transgenders are staggering. Blindly asserting that there?s nothing wrong and that all those suicides are just ?society?s fault? is doing a shocking disservice to a deeply troubled group. There is no evidence that the current mania for gender reassignment is helping in the least. Quote:

The review of more than 100 international medical studies of post-operative transsexuals by the University of Birmingham?s aggressive research intelligence facility (Arif) found no robust scientific evidence that gender reassignment surgery is clinically effective. End of quote.

Inflicting experimental hormone treatment with life-long consequences ? including infertility ? on children cannot be helping, either. Quote:

Reading these studies brings me to the conclusion that ?T? is very different from LGB. The scientific community doesn?t comingle LGB with T in research studies because they know the obvious truth: people who are transgender are different from those who are homosexual.

Time to pull the ?T? from LGBT. No good reason remains to co-mingle people with mental disorders with people who are homosexual. Nor is it necessary to continue to give social credibility to this tiny group of delusional people who need psychiatric or psychotherapy first and foremost, not pronoun protection or gender reassignment. End of quote.



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