In 1861, William Lowndes Yancey hailed Confederate president Jefferson Davis with, “The man and the hour have met”. How’d that work out for them?

Sometimes the man and the hour meet and the man rises to greatness. Think of Churchill in 1940.

Then there’s Anthony Albanese.

Opposition Leader Peter Dutton says Anthony Albanese has failed to show leadership and claims that anti-Semitism has grown under his watch.

The Australian

There’s no “claim” about it: it’s a demonstrable fact. In 2023, the Executive Council of Australian Jewry already noted an alarming rise in anti-Semitic attacks. That was even before October 7. Since then, anti-Semitism has been on steroids, with a 500% increase in what was already at alarming levels.

“We’re seeing things that I haven’t seen before in my lifetime – Jewish children afraid to wear their uniforms to school, people afraid to wear their Magen David [Star of David], afraid to wear their kippah,” says Jewish MP Julian Leeser. “There is a level of fear that I’ve never seen before in the community.”

PM Anthony Albanese has conspicuously failed to rise to the challenge. Trying to walk both sides of the fence was bad enough, but now the mask is off: Albanese, and Labor, have thrown in their lot with the anti-Semites. All in a sleazy attempt to hold on to votes in Muslim-dominated seats.

On the other hand, Peter Dutton is playing Churchill to Albanese’s Chamberlain.

Mr Dutton said Holocaust survivors and other members of the Jewish community have started to feel unsafe in Australia since the October 7 attacks and pointed to the protests outside the Sydney Opera House and the Melbourne suburb of Caulfield.

“I thought this was a time for the Prime Minister to show leadership and to step up. Instead, we’ve had crickets,” he told Today on Friday.

“And you’ve got a contrast, I think, with John Howard, who stood up at a point of national importance for our country, demonstrated leadership and changed the course of history for the better.

“The Prime Minister has allowed this rise of anti-Semitism in our country.”

All Labor have in reply is “Yeah, but, no, but…”, and trying to stand on fake “outrage”. In this case, that Dutton contrasted Howard’s actions post-Port Arthur with Albanese’s cowardice when a Muslim mob stormed a vigil for the October 7 victims, screaming, “Gas the Jews!”, and openly celebrated the massacre.

Dutton’s not backing down in the face of Labor’s holier-than-thou bullshit.

The Liberal Leader then clarified his comments he made where he compared pro-Palestinian protest at the Opera House to the 1996 massacre.

“The point that I made was that John Howard stood up for our country at a time when we needed moral clarity.”

The great lie of the media and Labor, here, is that it was a “pro-Palestinian protest”. It wasn’t — it was an anti-Jewish pogrom. The screams and chants about “Jews” by the Muslim mob made that abundantly clear.

The other great lie of the media left is “Islamophobia”.

Opposition Home Affairs spokesman James Paterson says Anthony Albanese “has made a false equivalence” between Islamophobia and anti-Semitism […]

“They’re both equally morally repugnant, that’s clear, but one of them is much more prevalent.

“Data kept by Victoria Police … shows that in the three months after October 7, there’s been almost 10 times the number of anti-Semitic incidents in Victoria than Islamophobic incidents.”

Sydney Morning Herald

If your first response to mobs screaming anti-Jewish slogans, or window-smashing and swastika-painting at synagogues, is to blither about “Islamophobia”, then you’re part of the anti-Semitic problem.
We see you.

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