Sir Bob Jones


There’s a part Maori bloke in Wellington with that fine old Maori surname of McIntyre-Wilson, who is apparently a talented jewellery designer. Recently he was given the job of designing a new children’s playground in the capital’s waterfront Frank Kitt’s park.

Shortly it is to be publicly opened. It largely comprises some slides and swings.

McIntyre-Wilson is quoted in the media saying of it,

“Whetu Marama (this the name it’s been dubbed by the Council wets) is a living, breathing entity that holds and imparts knowledge.

It represents the continuation of our voyaging heritage, a physical and symbolic link to our tupuna. It is a reminder of waka in our history, not just as vessels of transport, but as keepers of stories, technology and traditions”.

That verbiage is world-class cock. It’s a playground with some swings and slides for God’s sake.

If McIntyre-Wilson believes this ridiculous guff then surely the asylum awaits, and indeed the straight jacket for everyone’s protection.

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