As former president Donald Trump continues to sweep Republican primaries, the RINO establishment are getting desperate. Ron de Santis and outsider Vivek Ramaswamy wisely chose to get out of the way of the Trump Train. So, now the Establishment is pinning their hopes on their very own Hillary, Nikki Haley.

The only problem is that Haley’s about as popular as Bill and Hillary at a sexual abuse survivors’ group therapy session. She makes Kamala Harris seem like Keanu Reeves with a weird cackle.

How unpopular is she? Well, how loathed do you have to be, to run as the only candidate in a vote and still lose.

Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley called Nevada’s odd primary-caucus combo a ‘scam,’ after she suffered an embarrassing loss to ‘none of these candidates,’ in Tuesday’s primary.

Here come the excuses…

‘We always knew Nevada was a scam,’ Haley told Fox Business’ Charles Payne.

So, why did she participate?

Nevada is a bit different to other states, in that its primary vote is non-binding, but its caucus is. Which is why Trump didn’t bother with the primary, opting to take on the critical caucus instead.

The excuses get lamer.

‘Trump had it rigged from the very beginning, there are multiple press stories on that.’

Oooh, is that an election denial I hear? That’s insurrection, that is!

She said her campaign refused to pay $55,000 to the Nevada Republican Party to appear on the caucus ballot, adding she spent not ‘a day or a dollar’ in the Silver State […]

She also told Payne the next handful of states was more important.

‘Our focus is on South Carolina, going into Michigan, going into Super Tuesday, those are the places that we’re worried about, we’re not focused on Nevada, we never were,’ Haley said.

Well, that’s one way to charm voters in a state with 26 delegate votes. Votes she desperately needs.

Currently Trump has 33 delegates to Haley’s 17, but he’s on the precipice of picking up another 26 in Thursday evening’s Nevada Republican caucus, while Haley won’t earn any […]

On Wednesday, Haley was forging ahead with her campaign, making multiple stops in California, including an evening Los Angeles rally.

California is the most delegate-rich state where voters head to the polls on Super Tuesday, March 5, and if Haley keeps former President Donald Trump below 50 percent, she’ll earn a proportion of those delegates.


However a recent poll of California voters, conducted in late January, shows Trump with 66 percent support to Haley’s 24 percent […]

Super Tuesday looks to be Haley’s last chance to stop Trump’s march to the Republican nomination, as a number of states have some version of winner-take-all rules, which would make the ex-president’s delegate lead insurmountable.

Daily Mail

Yet, Haley’s trailing even in her home state of South Carolina.

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