The Australian High Court’s decision to order the release of foreign-born criminals in detention lurches from farcical to frightful. As previously reported by The BFD, one of the bad wogs disappeared after refusing to wear an ankle bracelet. Within days, two more were re-arrested, including a violent serial sex predator who allegedly committed yet another attack.

Now, a third has been arrested: this time, a paedophile, who is charged with creeping on kiddies yet again.

And neither Anthony Albanese nor his supposedly responsible ministers are anywhere to be seen or heard.

A child-sex offender released into the community by a landmark High Court ruling has been charged with three counts of having contact with a juvenile and using Instagram, TikTok and a live chat facility in breach of his reporting obligations, as Labor’s preventative detention regime cleared the Senate.

It’s only taken the government nearly a month to be dragged, kicking and screaming, into doing something about a High Court ruling they should have anticipated long ago. If it hadn’t been for the opposition forcing their hand on the issue, it’s an open question whether Labor would have done anything about it at all.

The preventative detention laws are now expected to pass the parliament by Thursday after the government agreed to a Coalition motion to bring forward a vote on the legislation following revelations a third detainee released into the community had been arrested in the southeast of Melbourne.

And what a charmer this particular bad wog is.

Emran Dad, 33, the ex-ringleader of a child exploitation group that preyed on children in state care, appeared in Dandenong Magistrates Court on Tuesday on nine charges that included making contact with a child without a reasonable excuse […]

Police have charged Dad with three counts this year of making contact with a child, although it is not clear whether there was more than one child or if it was the same juvenile. He was also charged with trespass, using Instagram, TikTok and a mobile phone without permission as well as the online chat service Bigo.

But the ankle-bracelet refusenik is not the only criminal in this affair to go missing.

Anthony Albanese, Home ­Affairs Minister Clare O’Neil and Immigration Minister Andrew Giles have not made public ­appearances to address the arrests of the three former detainees.

Gutlessly, Albo and his team left it up to, of all people, NDIS Minister Bill Shorten to face the media, while they hid under their blankie fortresses.

Opposition immigration spokesman Dan Tehan called on the Prime Minister to publicly address the High Court’s landmark “NZYQ” decision and assure the community it would be safe over Christmas. He described the latest developments as “deeply, deeply concerning”.

Peter Dutton, who has called for Mr Albanese to sack Ms O’Neil and Mr Giles, told 2GB radio the government had left the High Court with no other option but to release the individual known as “NZYQ” after it conceded at the end of May it could not find a resettlement country for the stateless Rohingya man who raped a 10-year-old boy.

Send him back where he came from. Let them deal with their own refuse.

Opposition legal affairs spokeswoman Michaelia Cash told The Australian the outcome in the Senate with the passage of the government’s preventative detention regime showed that the opposition had “taken control” […] Senator Cash said the government voted against the opposition’s only amendment which was aimed at making the reason for the release of each former detainee transparent to the public.

The Australian

The bill was only even debated and passed because the opposition forced the government to do so, by moving a motion in the Senate to bring it forward. Otherwise, it would likely have sat in limbo for the long months of the summer parliamentary break.

God knows what the creeps (the foreign criminals, not the government) would have got up to in the meantime.

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