In the 1930s, Stalin embarked on a sweeping ideological purge of the Soviet military. The purge was designed to remove potential threats to Stalin’s grip on power, and any ideological remnants of Trotskyism.

In 2021, the Democrat party embarked on a sweeping ideological purge of the American military. That purge was similarly designed to shore up the regime by making sure the military were stocked with loyal followers, and to remove any ideological remnants of Trumpism.

The only difference between the two was that Stalin was at least honest enough to just have his ideological enemies shot.

But the Great Purge came back to haunt Stalin with a vengeance when the Nazis stopped pretending and launched Operation Barbarossa. Today, even the dim bulbs of the Deep State are beginning to realise just how dangerously exposed Biden’s Great Purge has left America.

The Pentagon is aware of how progressive policies are contributing to the U.S. Army’s falling short of its recruiting goals, but those on the inside are prohibited from publicly acknowledging this, according to a recently retired Army major.

By “progressive policies”, of course, they mean demented wokeism on everything from transgenderism to anti-White racism.

More than a year after replying on behalf of the U.S. Army Recruiting Command to an inquiry from The Epoch Times about the Army’s recruitment struggles, retired Maj. Charles “Chase” Spears reached out again […]

Mr. Spears attributed the declining interest in the U.S. military in part to “concerns over the encroachment of social progressivism in the ranks [and] a lack of confidence in senior leadership” […]

“There was a cultural fight in society that was becoming more and more evident in the Army itself.”

According to him, the fight was between “traditional, nonpartisan military culture” and “another that was trending politically to the left.”

“When the Army went draconian over COVID-19 in 2020 and [Secretary of Defense] Lloyd Austin mandated the vaccine in 2021, that nailed the coffin shut for me as I watched firsthand how authoritarianism was rising to a new level in the ranks,” he said.

The Epoch Times

The decline in recruitment levels is becoming acute. In the past year, recruitment for the Army alone was 10,000 short. The crisis has become so bad that the Army is going grovelling back to the very people it purged, for refusing to submit to a forced medical procedure. As it happens, nearly 10,000 military personnel were purged for refusing the Covid vax.

The U.S. Army is telling unvaccinated former soldiers who were kicked out of the military for refusing to receive a COVID-19 vaccine that they can potentially rejoin the force as the military struggles to draw new recruits.

“Individuals who desire to apply to return to service should contact their local … recruiter,” Brig. Gen. Hope Rampy, U.S. Army director of personnel management, wrote in a letter sent to former Army personnel.

They’ll even have their personal files wiped clean of denunciations.

Brig. Gen. Rampy was alerting former members to new guidance that enables soldiers who were kicked out for not receiving a COVID-19 vaccine to ask for their military records to be corrected […]

Records of soldiers still in the force are being corrected “to remove adverse actions stemming from requests for exemption from vaccination for COVID-19,” the guidance states, noting that “former soldiers who were involuntarily separated for refusal to receive the vaccination can also request correction of their military records to reflect an honorable, voluntary separation from service.”

But former soldiers and military families aren’t buying it.

Bradley Miller, a former Army lieutenant colonel, was among those who received a letter. He said the effort isn’t enough.

Giving soldiers a way to get their records corrected “on the surface sounds like it’s a good thing and maybe to some degree it is, but I think most former soldiers, myself included, just kind of feel like it’s just too little, too late,” he told The Epoch Times.

Mr. Miller was relieved of his command in October 2021 and resigned shortly before hitting the 20-year mark, despite missing out on a pension, because he didn’t want to get a COVID-19 vaccine.

The Epoch Times

Notably, back pay and reinstatement of rank and pension benefits aren’t on the table.

And all the while, the US is being left dangerously exposed to a gathering storm of threats, from without and within.

Mr. Spears said […] “I feel like I’m watching the Army I love slip away, knowing it’s an institution worth saving.”

“If we lose the Army, we lose the military. If history is any indicator, we would then be well on our way to losing the republic,” he said.

The Epoch Times

It’s almost as if the Long March left and the Cultural Marxists planned it that way, all along.

But that’s just a conspiracy theory, I’m sure.

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