What a disgrace. This vile government has no shame and is determined to ram through its wildly unpopular bills under urgency. Democracy be damned, welcome to Mahutocracy where the Tyranny of the Majority is replaced by the Tyranny of Tainui.

Up to her gills in obfuscating about the new better-faster-sneakier multiple-waters legislation, Ardern excelled herself yesterday by flat-out lying about the newly introduced provisions:

Ardern: “The reference in the legislation does not change the scope of three-waters. It is only about the drinking water, wastewater and stormwater”.
Soper: “It extends it to coastal and geothermal, if you read the legislation – which I’ve done this morning”.
Ardern: “I’ve read the legislation, it does not change the scope. However…”
Soper: “If iwi make a statement then that statement has to stand under the entity…”
Ardern: “However, I can see, based on your questions, that it has caused, potentially, some confusion. So we’ll ask the drafters to see if there’s a way to make it much clearer…”
Soper: “So, you’re going to have it changed are you?”
Ardern: “No”

Is that “much clearer” enough for you New Zealand? Do you want to wake up now?

This government, based on its own peculiar ethnocentric world view wants unelected appointees whose only compulsory characteristic is the makeup of their gene-pool controlling more and more of our water.

Remember: the Labour Party, in the preamble to the proposed legislation, clearly state they want this same control extended to every “water body” as defined in the Resource Management Act 1991, and, believe me, that’s quite a list. I fully expect that next, we’ll see sizeable puddles incorporated and subject to iwi oversight.

Like the losing belligerents all despots are, this lousy mob is looting as their demise draws near, grabbing and stealing everything they can before they’re ousted, with no care of consequence.

They are not us, and they know it, but if you think they give a damn you’re mistaken unless the dam falls in their rohe – in which case they’ll happily grab a slice.

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