As time moves forward those of us who resisted mandates, stood strong, and thumbed our nose at the divisiveness promulgated by the evil regime of the tyrant Ardern, are getting to multiple ‘I told you so’ moments.

The more people who are double or triple vaxxed catching the WuPox the more the narrative is destroyed. Ardern’s and her useful idiot’s rhetoric is going to catch them all out.

We have seen from around the world that Omicron doesn’t give a flying fig about whether you are fully vaxxed, boosted, have a vaccine pass and only go to places where vax passes are mandatory.

Every passing day sees more and more locations of interest that are vax pass only, and most cases now are double or triple jabbed.

The unvaccinated are going to have the last laugh, as a study from the  American Medical Association finds more good news for unvaccinated people who have already had and recovered from Covid.

Of 1580 individuals invited to undergo serologic testing, 816 (52%) did so between September 24, 2021, and November 5, 2021. Participants had a mean age of 48.0 years, 421 (52%) were women, and 669 (82%) were White (Table). Fourteen percent reported routine mask use in public. Anti-RBD and anti-N antibody presence/absence were correlated (95%; Cohen >=0.908).

Among 295 reported COVID-confirmed participants, 293 (99%) tested positive for anti-RBD antibodies (>=250 U/mL, 44%; >=500 U/mL, 27%; >=1000 U/mL, 15%). A median of 8.7 (IQR, 1.9-12.9; range, 0-20) months passed since reported COVID-19 diagnosis. The median anti-RBD level among those who tested positive was 205 (IQR, 61-535) U/mL. There was no evidence of association between time after infection and antibody titer (0.8% increase [95% CI, –2.4% to 4.2%] per month, P=.62) (Figure).

Among 275 reported COVID-unconfirmed participants, 152 (55%) tested positive for anti-RBD antibodies (>=250 U/mL, 18%; >=500 U/mL, 12%; >=1000 U/mL, 6%). The median level among those who tested positive was 131 (IQR, 35-402) U/mL.

Among 246 reported no-COVID participants, 11% tested positive for anti-RBD antibodies (>=250 U/mL, 2%; >=500 U/mL, 2%; >=1000 U/mL, 2%). The median level among those who tested positive was 82 (IQR, 19-172) U/mL.

American Medical Association

Alex Berenson puts it in layman’s terms:

Anti-spike protein antibodies following Covid infection and recovery seem to persist indefinitely in unvaccinated people, researchers found. People tested 20 months after coronavirus infection had slightly higher levels of antibodies on average than those just after infection.

The key chart: the flat yellow line shows that people with natural immunity seem to have the same level of antibodies no matter when they were infected.

In contrast, spike protein antibodies in uninfected people who have received mRNA vaccines are known to decline at a rate of up to 40 percent a month.

The authors also found that 99 percent of the 295 unvaccinated people they tested who had a confirmed Covid infection had measurable anti-spike proteins. Nearly all of them also had antibodies to another part of the Sars-Cov-2 virus, the nucleocapsid. People who are vaccinated do not have those nucleocapsid antibodies.

The study provides evidence at the cellular level supporting the epidemiological data showing that people who have recovered from Covid have far better protection from future infection than vaccinated people.

Alex Berenson

Got that? The unvaccinated keep their antibodies indefinitely, while those who took the experimental jab have their immunity, such as it was anyway, wane considerably.

Those who were tricked, cajoled, threatened and hassled into getting the jab should feel very, very angry. You’ve been had in one of the world’s biggest con jobs that makes Enron look like child’s play.

Every lie incurs a debt against the truth, sooner or later that debt is paid.

The Ardern regime has wrecked our economy, they’ve followed the rest of the world down cul-de-sacs and now they’ve painted themselves into a corner. The best thing is that they used their own paint and their own brush.

Chickens are going to come home to roost, hard. All of Ardern’s policies and plans are being ripped to shreds by Omicron. Sooner rather than later they are going to find that they are standing alone in the world as the rest move on and drop vax mandates, vax passes, lockdowns, and all the other systems put in place that were destroyed by a virus far more nimble than any bureaucrat’s war gaming or planning.

They can’t blame National for any of it, even though National were cheerleaders for most of what was done.

As for Chris Bishop, well let’s just say he’s in the wrong party when you see tweets like this:

I’m sure he is visiting the local Hugo Boss store as we speak and ordering his brown shirt, black jodhpurs and jackboots.

At least we know where all these clowns stand, and it isn’t for freedom. No party in parliament currently has stood for freedom, they’ve all tried to outdo each other on how much more efficient they’d be at running a cruel regime.

When the reckoning comes it will be an electoral bloodbath. I just hope that little Napoleons like Bishop and Seymour get rinsed on the way through.

For now, though, the penny must be dropping amongst the vaccinated that it’s all been for nothing. The unvaccinated are quietly confident that they’ve seen this off by being staunch.

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